Its as Easy as WAKING UP !

I've spent the last few days up in the mountains writing, resting, rejuvenating and EXPLORING… my mind. There were years where I could never spend this kind of time alone without feeling the need to shut down, escape, or just simply DISTRACT myself from just BEING. Realizing Im a HUMAN BEING, not a HUMAN DOING has certainly been a process and a juicy one ! Living in a constant state of stress and anxiety makes it difficult to be with ones own BODY, never mind the MIND. When we begin to implement behavioural changes that WAKE up the body and mind, we begin to get a taste of LIBERATION and PEACE.

One tool I have used to WAKE UP my own body, is the Hatha Yoga System. When we use BREATH as a dominant TOOL, the mind/body connection is triggered and they begin to move in unity, not only on the mat- but in our lives.

Because of the dysfunctional thought patterns we all have within, the body gets dull and contracted over time but as we breath and move, we pull open sensation all over the body and AWAKEN the body and therefore the MIND ! " When we have control over one, we have control over the other. This is the secret of yoga.

In order to activate this balance between mind and body- we simply begin to consciously INHALE and EXHALE.The diaphragm opens and blossoms like a flower on the inhale, and on the exhale we feel the grounding of our bodies, like roots of a tree. In this process, all of the core feelings and emotions come to the surface- the thoughts that are ready for introspection appear and FREEDOM begins !

When we are in the flow in our lives, we begin to experience REAL freedom, REAL happiness. We remove the suffering and WAKE UP to the beauty that surrounds us…the beauty of the INHALE and EXHALE, one moment at at a time. yoga realization photo

Have you chosen to WAKE UP ? What behaviours are supporting your journey ? If this speaks to you, please share it below :)

Wellnessfranki durbin