Ever woken up in the middle of the night and began thinking about everything 'wrong" in your  life ? Or open your eyes with the thought that the day that  was about to unfold has already taken you down ?


I've had periods of my life where sleep wan't an option, where constriction in my chest and a constant state of anxiety was "normal". I drank caffeine all day in order to quiet the feeling of tension in my body and ate sugar to numb the fear…

I had no idea that there was  a connection to stress and anxiety … and my MIND.

I really didn't.

I thought it was always about changing something outside of me so I would be ok- so that I would "feel" better.

I have learned, with much gratitude, that stress and anxiety are optional and are huge signals that it is time to question my thoughts, and get back into the present moment. Somewhere between my 2 ears there was a "should" playing out or a very " black and white" conclusion. I was caught up in care taking the universe or completely lost in the past or future…I wasn't present. I wasn't here, now.


Don't get me wrong…there were times when changing jobs made a difference in my level of stress and letting go of a relationship lowered my state of tension….

but overall this journey has been an inside job. A deep disection of what thoughts, ideas and beliefs I am 'stuck" on that create the anxiety and stress and negative EMOTIONS in my life.


When I am in the present moment my stress and anxiety completely subside. Im back to brushing my teeth- when I am brushing my teeth, and cooking food- when I am cooking food….rather than obsessing about what the weather is going to be like over the next 6 months !


Once I am present I can inquire and question…  what thoughts(s) triggered the stress…

For example :

negative thought : " Its going to be a terrible, dark, long winter"

affirmation :  I can decide to spend more time in nature over next few months- the rain can be beautiful and nourishing".

negative thought:  I get depressed every year in this weather, it will be no different this year.

affirmationI haven't questioned my thinking as I am now- I have CHOICE now, therefore this can look very different this year !

….continue to write every negative thought that surfaces, follow it with an affirmation and refute until you feel CLEAR..

Write the affirmation ten times to complete this thought cleanse !


Stress and Anxiety are a result of thinking in many circumstances in our lives.

We have options.

We have choices.

When we question our thoughts we get present and when we are present we experience

TRUTH. - That what is, IS. It is neither good nor bad, it just IS. This is a much more

peaceful place to be.

If this inspires or resonates with you, please share it below :)

Wellnessfranki durbin