Perception Cleansing

Kids are so great at being PRESENT and in the moment… It was a cold week here- unusually so… and I was impatiently scrapping the ice off my windshield at 7.30 am on my way to teach a yoga class - with a coffee cup warmer (Vancouver living- frost isn't an every day thing here ;)

… a little 6 year old is strolling by with his parents and stops to look in AWE- he is smiling and says with a great big grin- "that's fun !" …I thought I heard him wrong so I asked him to repeat- and he smiled with " thats so FUN !"

… Ok, I thought, here is a great opportunity Shelley- this little guy is your TEACHER ! This IS fun- seriously… whats more fun than starting the day scraping ice with a paper coffee cup warmer and no gloves and minus 10 with windchill….when you NEVER get to do this !!!

I had such good laugh and felt such GRATITUDE to be able to be present enough to SEE and HEAR the messages, in the moment.

Perception is EVERYTHING !

I used to believe that I was VICTIM to my emotions- that I was " different" and was genetically defective somehow …that I had no choice but to respond to my negative thoughts by acting out in self destructive behavior- eventually leaving me sick, depleted and in a great place of desperation to CHANGE !

I now see that this was my greatest GIFT… I had no other choice but to uncover my thoughts and therefore RADICALLY change my perceptions to life !

I love the imagery and meaning behind the LOTUS FLOWER..that it is ONLY throughout the mud, muck and coarse soil that this incredibly beautiful flower will bloom ! We MUST go through the MUD in our own lives- we must break through the barriers in our own perceptions to GROW and BLOSSOM and RADIATE !

lotus What do you do to break through the mud and INFLUENCE your perception daily ? Please share if this speaks to you :)

Wellnessfranki durbin