MINDsight  Mastermind

Hello Wise One.

I see you...

Your passion for what you do. The impact you want to make on other people through the work you are uniquely qualified to do.

You wear your passion on your sleeve.

Me too.

Unfortunately, passion, and even skill and expertise, aren't enough to fill your practice with ideal, high-paying clients.

You must know how to authentically connect and sell to your tribe, master your own mindset to play a bigger game, and offer value that has your clients searching you over and over again.

How would your life be different if you had a regular wait list of ideal clients and have the CONFIDENCE to stand out as a leader in your niche?

What if you had mastery level coaching skills and could create break through transformations with every client?

What if you could master your own mindset so you never go down the rabbit hole of self sabotage and you finally TRUST your ability to fill you practice with clients you love?


You are all about empowering CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION in the online space



You want a ready to use MASTERY system to create LONG TERM behavioral change with clients.



You want to MASTER your own thinking to fill your practice with clients AND life you love.

AND…you want SUPPORT doing it

If You’re…

  • SO done with feeling as though you are doing all the ‘right things” to attract those star clients, but nobody’s actually knocking at the door.

  • Ready to finally own your worth as an online ladyboss and create the abundant lifestyle to go with it.

  • Craving an online following that really understands your mission and your value, and are dying for the bank account to show for it.

  • Tired of feeling “less than” when you look around at other women in business and are ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen THIS YEAR!

  • Confused about how to share what you offer and lack the confidence to really shine with your unique message and online positioning

  • Feeling concerned because you know you need more transformative tools for yourself.. AND your clients.

  • Pretty sure that having a proven system that works would be a HUGE relief…not to mention a fabulous marketing tool.

Here’s the good news beauty… It doesn’t have to be this hard. We are here to help.

I’m Shelley Ugyan, and not too long ago- I too was struggling as a new coach. I had a background in Cognitive Psychology and 15 years in education and was excited to share the depth of skill and transformational wisdom I knew I had and really create change for women like me- women who were done settling in all areas of life!

I had no idea, however, that having: skills, wisdom and even passion to do whatever it takes to succeed didn’t mean that star clients would come knocking at my door.

After months of confusion and exhaustion just trying to figure out what to do next, I soon realized: not knowing how to make money, debt and constantly struggling to keep up with the bills could not go on for much longer!

I had spent many months watching other women make their transformational businesses a success, so why not me? I was smart. So why couldn’t I figure this business deal out on my own? Well here’s what I finally got after way too much struggle…

If I could have done it alone, I would have already. Nothing was actually wrong with me. There were just so many things that I didn’t know about getting past my current situation at that time.. and into where I wanted to be.

I realized after I hired my first coach that success in transformational coaching resulted from: following a proven path with expert guidance, a shift in mindset, and a trusted community to keep me on track and accountable.

So at that moment I closed the backdoor on my old life for good and started playing full out…with these new game-changing rules!

Fast forward 10 years, I am now, as a successful mindset and business coach for ambitious, purpose driven transformational coaches. My passion is to lay the framework that gives you clarity, ease and confidence attracting star clients and building a business you love– just like I have done.

MINDsight is a proven, transformative client attraction and sales program that serves women who work in transformation around the world. These coaches, therapists, healers, teachers and guides are all about working with the deeper layers of the mind to break habit patterns that are keeping their clients stuck- and are all about long term, consistent RESULTS!

My approach to success is based on a 3 PILLAR SYSTEM that has EVERY woman in business:

  • MASTER the Cognitive Coaching tools used to create transformation in client habit patterns and behaviors

  • TRANSFORM their own thinking and confidence level to the mindset of a 6-figure earner

  • ATTRACT ideal clients consistently in a way that feel authentic and loving every time

I know that this 3 Pillar System was a game changer for my own success!

Understanding that I had the power and tools to change my thinking was a magical experience.

My transformation took my limited beliefs, that told me I would not have the time, wisdom, tools or the ability to create success online, and re-shaped them into a powerful force of leadership.

With this solid foundation I was able to master the steps to client attraction and authentic sales and I’m thrilled to teach YOU this unique system as well!

With a deep sense of purpose comes attraction. Harnessing that attraction can transform your life.


MINDsight women are committed to saying YES to their abundant future. They know that working in transformation requires a level of mindset and personal development that not only provides healing to their clients, but radically shifts the landscape of their own lives- both inside and out. MINDsight is about owning your worth as a transformational leader in a whole new way and will call on you to commit to your own personal journey of transformation and upleveling. Once you make this commitment to change the course of your trajectory, professionally and personally, what previously seemed so far out of reach now begins to materialize in your life. It’s not like any path you will experience,

All it takes is to take that first step, in courage and with faith.

Mindset, confidence and clarity are an inside game. In order to show up 100% and be seen as an expert, you must BECOME the expert on the inside. Without transforming your own blocks and challenges, there is very little point in learning the tools and strategies of online business.

MIndsight is a step by step formula for success- not only in your bank account, but in your personal life as well. The women in this program are done playing small and they are committed the growth and positive mindset necessary for a lucrative business based in JOY and ABUNDANCE and client overload as well!

MINDsight is about stepping into mastery in business and in life, and therefore allowing yourself to shine as a female online entrepreneur. Its about starting fresh with a decision to make THIS the year you step into your power fully, own your worth and serve in the way you are meant to- the way that you were born to serve on this planet!

So Wise Woman, Here is what I KNOW...

The increased results and quality of life you seek are already inside you at this very moment, and with the right environment, guidance and support, you WILL grow into all you are meant to be, professionally and personally. Without this, you will likely stay where you are now. MINDSight Mastermind is a decision that will change the very landscape of your future TODAY.


This 11 month journey with an intimate group of positive, driven and inspired female boss ladies will provide an opportunity to master your business sales, client attraction, and transformational coaching skills regardless of where you are at in your business or where you live in the world! From the comfort of your own home you will be led through a step by step process of business strategy mixed with personal development to ensure you are guided forward every step of the way.

With in depth training in the cognitive behavioural coaching model, you will learn to master the CBC approach and BREAK FREE of the limited beliefs that have kept you from your dreams once and for all!

Mastering the system in depth, you will have the opportunity to practice with peers and you can expect a complete PARADIGM SHIFT which will have you standing powerfully, and confidently online- ready to change lives WITHOUT ANY HESITATION WHATSOEVER!!


Having graduated from your personal development program, you will learn to teach others how to create their own breakthrough’s using the CBC approach! These trainings show you how to facilitate the CBC approach powerfully and confidently in any niche area with all clients that come through your door! You will earn o brand and market this unique system according to your needs and it will have you stand out, even amidst all the online noise!

Get ready for ah-mazing testimonials and referrals you can barely keep up with! Filling your practice will be SO much easier with a proven technique to advertise online and a system that has you feel confident creating breakthrough’s with clients over and over again!


The client attraction and marketing modules inspire action mixed with joyful creation as you master your online brand, message,  signature program and high ticket offers and learn how to sell and market yourself authentically with JOY! Your potential for greatness is activated here and consistent growth is the result!

Each week will begin with Shelley facilitating a high vibe, motivational and transformational recorded call which will follow the weekly module. Participants have raved about the calls alone with completely different content from the written modules!

You will be guided through 21 modules bi-weekly and calls - and will have time to implement with ease!


23 Training Modules

Access to all webinars and training calls Shelley gives

within the 11 month time frame.

(Value: $6000)

11 Recorded Calls

to facilitate deeper learning & further support!

(Value: $16,000)



The March Live Event will be an unforgettable, life changing experience! Join me for 3 days this Spring and discover the exact steps you need to use to break through the internal barriers currently stopping you from multiplying your income. Increase your confidence and put an end to your struggle so you can FINALLY live the freedom-based lifestyle you deserve. Get ready to make life long connections with women who are living full out- just like you!

(Value: $5000 USD)


High level social media training! 

(Value: $595 USD)


A FREE coupon for 1:1 Mastery level 40 minute Coaching session with Shelley within 2 months of purchase! 

(Value: $500 USD)