Day 2 of 5 Day Challenge..Transparency and Leadership = SALES!

Wowzers! That was such a fun lifestream today and thanks for jumping on to engage in todays challenge around being transparent and really cultivating a powerful intro message!

I would love to hear your take- aways so far so be sure to post below! And if you didn't get a chance to watch Day 2 of the challenge, go HERE to watch the live stream! :)

Today I talked about the 2nd Pillar of Leadership: Transparency and my invitation in the challenge today was to practice being your transparent self by putting together a short intro on who you are and what you do…in 5 simple steps! Be sure to watch the live video because this is NOT what you think..and it WORKS!

I am so pumped to jump on tomorrow and share DAY 3…. See you there! 

In Unity and Freedom :)


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