Challenge, Day 2 Tomorrow! Mastering Pillar #2: Leadership!

Hey everyone! Great to have you on the live stream today!

If you missed it, not to worry- I will share the 12 questions for your challenge below!… and here is the link to catch up!

Watch the lifestream from Day 1 HERE!

Ok, did you head on over for the juicy training on Mastering Values for success? Pillar #1 is all about AUTHENTICITY and values are a HUGE component! Ok..go over and watch the lifestream now :)

….Now that your back, lets dig in!

Your challenge again is to fin your personal hierarchy of values!

Don't forget for each one you are doing the most, then the second most, then the third most. Three answers for each! I can't wait to watch your videos this week! Post away in the Conscious Coaching FB Group!😊🌟

1. How do you fill your time the most?
2. What energizes you the most?
3. How do you spend money the most? On what?
4. Where are you organized the most?
5. Where are you the most reliable, disciplined and focused?
6. What inwardly do you think about the most? In other words what are your innermost dominant thoughts?
7. What do you visualize and realize the most( in other words, what do you visualize most about how you would love your life to be – that is gradually showing fruits and coming into reality?)
8. what do you internally dialogue with yourself mostly about?
9. What do you talk most about in social settings?
10. What inspires you or are you inspired by the most?
11. What is your most consistent long-term goal?… Stretch yourself for this!
12. What are the topics of study that inspire you the most? In other words, where do you find yourself mostly at the bookstore? What TV documentaries draw you?

I look forward to watching your videos and hearing what your top five values are and how this will help your business!

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I will be live in the group tomorrow for Day 2 at 10 am pst- See you there!!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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