Day 3 and 4 Have Been Amazing! 5 Days of Conscious Leadership Training!

Wow! Thats all I can say!

Its been so inspiring to watch everyone dive into the Conscious Leadership Challenge with both feet this week and the breakthrough's have been so incredible to watch!

What most leaders are beginning to understand is that we absolutely MUST have a solid foundation in order to build a successful empire. And this is the very step that is often missed out in most business and coaching training. It may not be as sexy as webinars and blogs..but it is absolutely ESSENTIAL!

Here's the thing you need to realize about your community -

They want YOU. All of you.

They don't want your fancy program

They don't your blueprints and checklists

They don't want your slides and videos and content

They simply want you. BUT they want the YOU that is congruent and authentic to her message and really passionate about her direction and her values!

On Day 3 (GO here)I dove into Congruency and on Day 4 (GO here), it was all about that juicy word we all know so well…COMMITMENT!

If you haven't watched the lifestreams in the Conscious Coaching Entrepreneurs Facebook Group- be sure to jump over there now and catch up..because DAY 5 is going to be a game changer tomorrow!

See you there at 12 noon PST in the group!


In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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