The Main Cause of Compulsive Eating..Its Not What You Think

I know that restriction is the last thing one might believe is a major cause of weight gain and even obesity… But studies show that the diet cycle, which is based on restricting calories or major food groups such as fat and carbohydrates causes destructive eating patterns based on starvation and binge cycles.

Most problematic and compulsive eaters will tell you that EVERY TIME they have restricted in some way, there was a binge waiting around the corner- maybe not that hour, or even that same day…but it happens.

In this short video I offer 3 tips to avoid restriction when working with clients who suffer from weight gain, binge cycles or obesity…and they may not be what you think!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts below!

If you think you might be a compulsive overeater, take the quiz here to find out!

If you are a health coach who works with weight loss, or someone who suffers with maintaining weight loss…. or are stuck in a destructive cycle with food, join me in watching my video below..

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