How to Gain 20 pounds Eating HEALTHY FOOD!

So isn't the answer as simple as eating more vegetables and drinking more water? Isn't it enough just to cut out all the "addictive foods" and …"be good"?

Can't I beat this "eating thing" by just cutting down on portions and exercising double?

These are some of the common myths that keep compulsive overeaters STUCK!

Healing Eating Disorders is not about EATING BETTER, as much as we are bombarded by this message by society daily. Healing Compulsive Eating is NOT about eating more HEALTHY FOODS…

I would love to hear your thoughts below!

Here are what others are saying about how they were able to change their thinking and get well!

I have found Shelley Ugyan’s 12 week Problematic Eating Course to be very helpful. I have struggled for years with this issue and finally decided there has to be another way – I mean other than the normal dieting regime. This course is helping me to see that it is not the food that is the problem but my thinking around food. This program focuses on one little change after another, it is not a ‘diet’ that you will either succeed or fail at, but a return to a normal pattern of eating and thinking. It is not easy but when has anything worthwhile come easily? I highly recommend this program for people who want to stop torturing themselves with food and the weight gain/loss roller coaster.- Janice 

I’m so glad I found and began working with Shelley 3 months ago – in this short time, I’ve come so far. I have struggled with latent anxiety manifested as disordered eating, binge drinking and other compulsive behaviours for the past 12 years. Shelley has guided me through open discussion, collaborative analysis and self-directed logging of thoughts and feelings, to uncover the root psychological causes of my unhealthy behaviors. We have partnered to develop new thoughts and behaviours to replace my automatic negative patterns. I am profoundly excited to continue on this path that Shelley has helped put me on, and become the positive and powerful woman I have always been underneath my destructive constructs. Finally, for the first time in my life, I feel empowered to take control of the way I think, feel and move in the world.- Maya

I have worked with Shelley one on one and I can say I am officially in recovery from BED. For the first time ever (and I’ve worked with MANY counsellors/therapists) I am getting to the deeper causes of my eating disorder. I have given up the dieting, restriction, binge cycle – all with Shelley’s intuitive guidance. I am in self/care and working on the deeper thoughts that have kept me stuck for SO long. I have found Shelley to be knowledgable, needs based and as I said earlier incredibly intuitive. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have so many tools/strategies to use as well. She is always close by if needed. If you are wanting to get out of BED and begin to experience freedom with food or you have gotten stuck and need help, then I truly encourage you to reach out to Shelley. She’s been there, she knows, she understands and she knows how to get out of it.- Annette H.

Throughout the years I’ve worked with a variety of coaches, therapists and tried out different programs related to my issues with food and it wasn’t until I worked with Shelley that I was able to identify what was at the root of my habits and patterns. By identifying the triggers, I was able to see clearly what was driving my crazy behavior around eating and dieting that had kept me in a painful spiral over the years and why so many other attempts at treating had failed. Shelley has a relatable and real approach to her work and she would be my go-to for anyone struggling with any food related issues.- Ali 

Our programs run every 3 months, so contact: now to sign up for the next course!

Whats Next?

1. Plan your food- and include a "treat" in your day at least once! ( keep it small and choose something that feels 'safe for you for now.

2. Make self care your number one priority!

3. Decide you will learn how to change the rigid black and white thinking that gets you stuck!

4. Throw away the scale and let go.

5. Embrace where you are. Trust you are right where you need to be and the next right step will present itself…and continue to take action!

What was your surrender?

What does freedom feel like for you? I would love to hear :)

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