The JUICIEST Life Possible…in Just 12 Weeks

Happy New Year Friends! I am honoured to be starting the year, yet again, with an even deeper commitment to self love and  a deep knowing that as we continue to show up to heal, miracles happen- and freedom is possible. Making the DECISION to go to any lengths to heal and knowing you deserve it (the juiciest life possible) is the first crucial step!

If you were talking to your 6 year old self, what tone would you use? What would you say to her? Where would you take her? Would you forgive yourself for mistakes? Would you treat yourself like a queen?

Would you start saying YES to YOU? This is the jumping off place…this is the place I invite you to stay this year.

I am excited to be in yet another jumping off place myself. A deeper place of trust and gratitude.

I cannot begin to share with you the feeling I get after the completion of our online program, watching the shifts and deeper levels of awareness arise. My own journey was not an easy one, but I kept on. The women I work with are warriors, as I was. If you have battled with food your entire life- you know what I mean. 

If you are on this journey and you are struggling I want to tell you right now that I get it. I really do. I suffered for many, many years and never thought I could be free.

I was given a gift many years ago.

It was the gift of learning how to change the distorted thought that led me to food.

I worked at it, and it shifted. Today I am free- and you can be too.

I want to share  two beautiful programs that are shifting lives on this planet around food, body image, weight and empowerment.

12 Weeks to Freedom~ Healing Compulsive and Emotional Eating FOR GOOD!

Due to many requests, I will be launching the next program JANUARY 29TH( Thursday). Each session is 1.5 hours long and is done through free conference RECORDINGS ARE AVAILABLE. The sessions are every THURSDAY at 6-7.30 pm PDT.( 9- 10.30 EDT). Recordings are available but the calls are interactive so it is highly suggested you attend.

A manual is included ( my published book) and each module is sent weekly, as well as an online Facebook group to connect with others and email contact between sessions.

This program is for you if : • You think "today is the day" I will start eating mindfully and in a healthy way..but you can't get started or you sabotage before the day is done. • You are often saying " tomorrow it will be different" but nothing seems to change • You turn to food to deal with emotions • You eat unconsciously and wish you hadn't once its over • You have a very critical inner voice that judges you for eating or not eating the "right" food • You have an eating disorder- or you don't! • You have tried every diet out there, and nothing works permanently • You are sick and tired of being on the roller coaster • You must loose weight and you want to do it in a healthy way that will last • You think and/ or obsess about food a lot of the time • You cannot seem to loose the weight you need to regardless of what " diet" you have tried • You are ready to look inside and change the thoughts that are affecting true recovery • You are ready to heal…for life • You are ready to make peace with food ( It is not the enemy)



If you are finally ready to heal- for life, then you want to join us here:


Don't wait- only a couple of spaces left!

if not now- when?

The other amazing program that is launching this month is for Health Professionals who are working with problematic eaters of any kind. I have had many requests to share the cognitive process I do, and this is the first time I am doing so in a program setting!

You asked and Im Delivering!

Teach Your Clients: 12 Weeks to recover From Emotional/ Compulsive Eating

Health Coaches who work with women with eating disorders and/or emotional eating who are looking for a program of recovery- I am now sharing my work!

I have been using this 12 Week Program with great success the past 2 years and have now published this program. I am training others who would like to learn the cognitive behavioural approach to ending the emotional component ( the entire problem) associated with problematic eaters.

When your clients have all the information and know WHAT to do but not HOW to do it, you need to work on an internal level to shift their black and white thinking so they are able to CHOOSE health. This program will teach you the CRUCIAL Steps to Healing Compulsive/ Emotional Overeating.

This program is designed step by step- and it works! The cognitive work must be taught 1:1 which is why I suggest working with me in this program to really understand how to facilitate it in a way that works.

The Program includes:

- Six Weeks of 1:1 recorded training calls  - 12 Modules to use with clients -Four 1:1 Phone Sessions with me ( Cognitive Process Taught) ( 1 hour each) - A copy of my Book " Food Freedom - Email support during the course of the Six week program. COST : $365 American START DATE: February 1st, 2015.


Week 1:

Getting Conscious
,Connection,Restriction and Healing,Food Diary

Week 2:

Food Plan,Food Plan Verses Diet

Week 3:

Change Your Thinking,Connect with your Deepest Self, A Spiritual Solution, How to "Nourish" and Replenish

Week 4

Disassociation and Food, Breath and Connection, Stress and Recovery,Change Perception

Week 5

Triggers and Food- A Deeper Look, Distorted Thinking,What are you HUNGRY for?, Codependence and Food

Week 6:

Self Esteem and Thoughts, Shame Thoughts and Hunger, Cognitive Work Deepens

Who is this For?
  • You are a professional who works with people with "food" issues
  • You know that it is not about the food but you don't know how to facilitate healing in this place
  • You have a desire to help your clients heal FOR LIFE
  • You want to learn cognitive process for all areas of life
  • You are not looking for bandaid solutions to health but REAL healing

Contact me ASAP to register and sign up for your 1:1 sessions! Please feel free to contact me with any questions at all!:

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