Connection IS Everything

This time of the year can be difficult for many…so many belief systems created around what Christmas is suppose to be, how family relationships should look, what we should FEEL like, and how happy we should be… Ultimately, the lack of, or abundance in CONNECTION tends to get illuminated during the holiday season.

Connection is EVERYTHING. Its ALL about CONNECTION. It is why we are here, why we do the things we do, why we create the relationships we create.

I recognize how I have sought out CONNECTION in my own life… both in healthy and destructive ways when I was growing up…. As a young girl feeling connected though my dance community, but also seeking out "belonging" though body image obsession and destructive eating practices. Then later, as a young woman, searching for "togetherness " and "camaraderie" by drinking and partying with my friends and colleagues. And now… as a conscious adult creating CONNECTION though my work, my spirt centre and by speaking my truth with like minded souls, through open dialogue.

It has been an illuminating journey that has left me feeling both elated at times, as well as lonely…as the path less travelled sometimes can be. But what I have learned is that to be CONNECTED, to feel a PART OF is a choice. It is a conscious choice and it takes work. I have also learned that it is a universal desire- we ALL WANT CONNECTION. From baby to a dying elder, we want to know we are not alone. The more I have worked at my connection to myself, the more I feel connected to a greater purpose on this planet..and in that place, I connect with my tribe..others who are on a similar path, walking with a similar set of beliefs.

moon hold

So what do people with this strong sense of CONNECTION have…and how do they maintain it ?

1. They all have a strong sense of WORTHINESS- they actually BELIEVE they are worthy of belonging. (They uncover dysfunctional thought patterns and transform them daily).

2. They have the authentic courage to be IMPERFECT…to make mistakes and move on.

3. They take responsibility for their CHOICES. There are no " should's " running the show with those who feel a deep sense of CONNECTION. They simply live from their heart and accept what is, is.

4. They have an ability to be vulnerable…they understand that we must allow ourselves to be SEEN…in all of our imperfection. In order to be connected, we must be real, raw and open.

5. They are aware of any SHAME in their life and they take the steps to let go of whatever is interfering in their own process of self love and acceptance.

What has been the most important discovery for myself is that CONNECTION is a CHOICE…we CHOOSE AN UNLIMITED LIFE ! If I am feeling disconnected it is ALWAYS because of a thought or belief pattern that is stuck… an old file that needs to be updated ! In order to live, these old ideas must die…in order to connect we must be able to SEE life as it is….not behind the thoughts that keep us stuck.

What do you do to stay in that place of CONNECTION ? What will you do to feel that peace this holiday season ?

If this speaks to you, please share below :)

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