Im so excited, I can barley stand it!  And Im so happy to be sharing with you :)

After months of slowly uncovering the big changes, and up-levelling happening in Emerging Jewel, I am more than thrilled to be uncovering them all with you- my tribe!

Firstly, please let me take this moment to thank you for making the time to read and share the blogs over the past several years and for truly being a part of my vision on the planet ..that women may continue to THINK BETTER and live amazing, full, joyful lives!

In living this vision I have been getting nudges and full out screams from the Universe that the Conscious Coaching Model, (the cognitive work I use with emotional eating coaches) needed to be shared in a bigger way! the Universe heard this passion, of course, I began to be approached by several entrepreneurs wanting to learn the very same techniques I have been sharing with Emotional Eating Coaches to use with any client who is stuck or suffering in any way!

Well, I knew I had to listen and bring this work out into the world to facilitate with more visionaries and coaches and so I began to facilities the cognitive work with entrepreneurs who had their own negative beliefs, and lack of confidence around their business, and I couldn't believe what began to happen!

Serious shifts guys. Like crazy!

Whats most unique about this method is its truly about MASTERING your thinking- not coping.. a lot of techniques coaches and mentors use are coping techniques (affirmations, visualization, mantras, visualization boards). They are helpful of course… but they do not work on a deep level, long term. If the client or coach gets triggered or stress and they are right back in the negative thinking again. 

So I realized that I needed to really serve this community in a bigger way. I need to be sharing this technique and the facilitation model that has people break free from ALL emotional and blocked areas…for good!

I got LIVE HERE today in the Emotional Eating Facebook Group and shared a bit more about these changes- and made an announcement of an important call happening live in the group tomorrow, August 22nd at 10am pst!!

For event invite click here now!!! :  EVENT INVITE!!

Copy of FB Group Cover 3_EJ

Here is where I will give you all the in's and out's of the changes and exactly what you can expect int he coming months- and Im telling you..its REALLY JUICY!!  You are my number one guest so please add yourself to the list!

Ok, so I can't wait to see you at 10 am tomorrow in the Emotional Eating Facebook Group where I will be giving you all the juicy details of new teachings and trainings coming your way and why this is going to take things to the next level both personal and professionally for you!

See you Soon…Eeek!

In Freedom and Unity,

Shelley :)

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