Create Safety and Presence in Your Sessions: CCM, Part 1.

There has been some incredible studies on the differences between the right and left hemisphere of the brain  and Im here to tell you that as coaches..we REALLY need to understand this stuff.

Here's why.

13015350_645582662256195_8870186522509770677_nThese 2 hemispheres are like 2 people in our head that see the world really VERY differently. While the right hemisphere is all about relationships, with a flowing, emergent quality, rich with paradox in a "more than words can say" kind of way…

The left hemisphere takes what is flowing from the right and re-presents it. It takes apart whats already come in and creates systems, tools, programs, and algorithms. It, loves goals, tasks, and behaviours. It thrives on a sense of uncertainty and stability and it needs control.

Most people operate primarily from the left hemisphere and as coaches..this is where we can really get into trouble when it comes to connecting deeply and really being present for our clients. The left side can objectify others, and try to shape them into what we feel is "right for them". We do this with very good intentions of course…wanting to "help more" but in fact it creates a sense of isolation and disconnect for the clients.

When a coach does not trust in her own direction, her own capacity to resonate, respond and follow her clients, the left hemisphere kicks in and trust and facilitation go out the window…

We always want to be moving towards the right- towards warm relationships with clients understanding that our clients truly have an innate wisdom within them that will present itself when the coach is creating the presence and safety required. 

So am I suggesting you throw out all the plans and session headlines you learned in nutrition school and embrace simply an intuitive knowing of where to go next in each session?


The first part of the Conscious Coaching Model (CCM) is about learning how to really trust yourself as a coach and embody the confidence that has you able to listen deeply and intuitively to the needs of your clients. Of course you will still you left hemisphere systems and strategy as necessary, but connection must come first so if this is sabotaged in any way by these left brained tactics I suggest you do away with them until connection has been made.

Join me here as I share more!

So amazing coaches, now is the case you have been waiting…to embrace and trust your inner knowing, so let go of the tight grip on session targets and guidelines and really listen to the inherent treatment plan that each individual client brings to the table.  

When we as coaches trust the process, we allow our clients to in turn begin to trust themselves.

What a gift.

Would love to hear how you are guiding this beautiful dance between the left and right hemisphere in your practice, please share below! :)

Know someone who can benefit from this? Feel free to pass it along!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)




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