Another Year...Another Intention :)

I celebrated my 38th birthday last week and its been all about INTENTION and REFLECTION ! Looking at where I have been personally, professionally and emotionally this past year,and evaluating where I want to be in the year to come...

Its been easy, in the past, for me to slip into a thought of "Im not doing enough" and even, "Im not enough" and these dysfunctional thoughts can spiral me into some dark places in times of reflection- such as BIRTHDAYS CLOSE TO 40 ! :)

"Why arn't I.... I should.... Why do they have.... Im such a.... When am I ever going to..."

Does this sound familiar ?

We all have the ability to CHOOSE what thought patterns we are inviting in ! I CHOOSE different thought patterns these days ! Today Im so grateful to CELEBRATE who I am and have the freedom to CHOOSE my thoughts !Celebration

...Booking massages far in advance, buying $20 winter socks, setting boundries in relationships that were based on mixed messages, and committing to a daily yoga practice were just some GIFTS I gave ME- not because of any "should's", but ONLY because they made my heart sing :)

Im done with the " should's"! Moving forward, this 38 year old is all about CELEBRATION. My big, bold VISION board above my kitchen table paints the colours, feelings, and sensations I am inviting into my palate. My mornings are painted with quiet refection and gratitude as well as vision and intention. I've discarded those old belief systems that fed my "human DOING-ness", instead of my "human BEING-ness" and I surround myself with conscious beings who remind me of the LIGHT that I am- that we all are.

What gifts are you inviting into your life ? What are you celebrating about YOU ? What old belief systems are complete and so " last year " ? If this blog speaks to you, I invite you to share !

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