Thought Detox

Cleansing is all the rage these days- from juice fasts, to raw food diets, and smoothie meals…. Its not out of the ordinary to see a blender packed away in a suitcase or a liquid lunch in a high school backpack !

Now I’m all about eating good, nutritious whole foods, supplementation, drinking lots of water, daily moderate exercise- you get the point. -I’m into it…

BUT the first and most important fasting/cleansing this girl promotes is a “ Thinking Detox”…or even better, a “ Belief System Cleanse”.

What’s my point ?

I don’t think its really rocket science that we all probably need to drink more water, and eat more vegetables…

For the most part, I think our bodies have an incredible innate wisdom whereby when we are tuned into our own bodies, we can FEEL what the body NEEDS more or less of, and can make a healthy choice in terms of FEEDING the body. What gets in our way is not the sugar, the fats, the oils, or the salt…what gets in our way is what is controlling our lives between our two ears !

This process of “checking in” and getting conscious of our thoughts is the DETOX that we are all starving for.

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The precious ability to be mindful moment to moment, aware of what behaviors are causing upset and confusion and what thoughts were responsible in the first place will TRANSFORM lives !

How does the Thought Detox Work ?

1. Identify some behaviors that have become toxic in your life. (For example, reaching for the cookie jar when your not hungry)

2. Write them down on a piece of paper- get really conscious of them and make a decision that you are ready to let go of those behaviors.

3. Pick the behavior that sits number 1 on the list- write down as many thoughts as you can that are associated with this behavior

For example :

Behavior : Eating the cookie when you don’t want it.

Thoughts( negative) :

“ If I don’t eat it, I will obsess about it”

“Once the thought comes, I have no control”

“This time, it will be fine”

…and so on

4. Write a affirming thought that you believe for each negative thought.

For Example :

Thought : “If I don’t eat it, I will obsess about it” :

Affirmation : Actually I notice when Im bored I will go to the cookie jar, im going out for a walk instead and if I want the cookie later, I can think about that then.”

5. Read over each affirming thought at least 10 times

6. Practice saying the affirming thoughts each day- try to implement them one at a time in daily behaviors. And celebrate small success !

7. Continue to write down any thoughts that are creating problems in your life, and repeat the process.

AS we PRACTICE being AWAKE in our bodies, we begin to get passed the FOOD and become conscious of what REALLY needs to be cleansed ! From here, gratitude, love and mindfulness become a part of the daily diet ☺

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