4 Breakthrough Cognitive Tools that Work!

If you are following us emotional eating coaches on our Facebook Page, you are getting to understand the POWER of this cognitive work- and you KNOW that 90% of your clients will NEED these strategies at some point! Whether you work with emotional eating directly or your focus is on weight loss and nutrition, neuroscience is telling us that the brain is connected to the body in ways we never quite understood before! With stats that show that…"one-third of adults in the United States are obese and projections for the year 2030 show that number will rise to forty-two percent", health professionals must start doing what mainstream medicine is not- changing the thinking behind emotional eaters… 

4 Breakthrough Cognitive Tools that Work:

1. Set Realistic Goals With Clients.

You must set REALISTIC goals with you clients, and have a system of regular feedback for them to stay on track. In other words, no all or nothing here…not too excessive and not wishy-washy.

Be specific, and set a date, but keep the numbers out of it!… for example, "I want to be comfortable enough in my skin to walk outside this summer (6 months away) and be able to smile at myself. I will accomplish this my working with my thinking using the cognitive approach, by committing to my regular pattern of eating one day at a time and by emailing my coach weekly to help me stay focused."

2. Self- Regulation

Self-regulation requires that rather than beating themselves up for not attaining a goal, they look at what the next step is in their process of recovery. This way clients begin to notice what has worked, what didn't work, and what needs greater attention. Using the refute exercise or any of the other powerful cognitive tools in our online program for coaches will help you relax while your clients take full responsibility for this self regulation! Having them track how they are doing emotionally and what thoughts are really affecting their actions is super helpful here! 

I want to help you do this WELL and I encourage you to take advantage of training in this area to really MASTER these skills!

I am offering a complimentary REFUTE CALL, a powerful cognitive technique training for anyone who has not yet worked with me- don't hesitate and contact me asap for this FREE SESSION! ( shelley@emergingewel.com)


3. Boosting the belief that they CAN do it.

When you go into any situation with the attitude that you will surely fail, you greatly reduce your odds of succeeding. It is essential to focus not just on your clients behaviours, but also on the  perceptions of their ability to make the changes they want.

The best way to improve belief in their ability to succeed is actually to have some success. Setting concrete and achievable goals, such as eating fruit at breakfast or replacing an after-dinner TV show with a walk, can build  confidence to set more ambitious goals.

*Make sure they don't have any negative thoughts getting in the way here-  get those all out in the open- and work through them with a cognitive process ASAP!

4. Incentives.

Many studies continue to show the power in mental incentives! Have your clients write a list of how they will feel when they are not self conscious about weight. Have them focus on what life will look like when they are fully in it- without worrying about weight shape and body image. …I used to tell myself-" There is more to life than lunch!" lol…

What do they want to have in their life? What do they want to work towards emotionally? socially? physically? spiritually?

Adopting a healthier lifestyle isn’t simply a matter of changing the foods in your cupboards. Lifestyle changes take sustained efforts over time and whether we achieve our goals depends on how we make them, our mindset and what we put in place to maintain motivation.

Please share with me what cognitive strategies you are using the most these days below, and any questions on this process at all!

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Emotional Eating Health Professionals


I look forward to seeing you there, and hearing about how you are changing lives with this work! :)


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