What Happened to Me…

My healing journey began several years ago when I was ready to CHANGE MY THINKING… and to choose not to remain a prisoner of the destructive eating patterns I had caused due to my unhealthy thinking patterns. I was diagnosed with a severe eating disorder by age 20, which I had been living with since the age of 7. I drank so I didn't have to eat, then binged secretly for hours on end. I have weighed 60 pounds more than I do now, and 20 less..I was dying with food.

I hated myself and I was hiding in my guilt and shame.

I had become imprisoned in my own body and this war spilled outwards as disordered eating, alcohol abuse, and depression. It was affecting every area of my life.

hungary model ( This is me in the depths of my self hatred..I gained 60 pounds shortly after…)

I was blessed to be introduced to the cognitive approach and started training with specialists. I knew this was my life's work. Learning that I had the power to change my thoughts and therefore my life, allowed me to go on an incredible journey of illumination and self discovery.I wrote my first program which was successful with hundreds of clients world wide.

I was asked to teach at the 2 largest nutrition schools in the world, and published my first manual. I couldn't believe that others wanted this info as much as me- but I started to realize in fact they NEEDED it.

Coaches started asking about the program and I realized I has to share this work with as many as possible- we ALL need to change our thinking in some way or another! The best gift you can give someone is this special, powerful toolbox!

Today I have absolute peace in my relationship with myself and others, and a deep acceptance and love for the beautiful being that I am. While I get angry with life, sad, disappointed and afraid at times, I always come back to the cognitive work- it is good for any situation!

Shelley Ugyan I am passionate about collaborating with coaches who are READY TO CHANGE THEIR THINKING and TRANSFORM themselves, in order to help their clients.

I am passionate about empowering women to take CONTROL of their THINKING and to take CONTROL of their own lives so they can create emotional, physical and spiritual health.

If you are a Health Professional working with Problematic Eaters, learning the cognitive approach is ESSENTIAL in getting past the road blocks that come up for EVERY person who is stuck with food.

I want to help you learn how so you can have a practice that is easy, fun and lucrative!

The Breaking Free Practitioners Training Program is having  a Spring Blitz until the end of April!

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This is for you if you are: 

  • Frustrated with the revolving door of clients who can’t seem to break their bad acting habits
  • Exhausted trying to figure out how to help clients who don’t believe your program will work
  • Overwhelmed because of a lack of resources to truly serve an emotional or compulsive eater
  • Tired of spending $5000 a year on programs that don’t really help you go deeper with clients
  • Fed up of working evenings and weekends to try to widen your reach in your practice

I have used this proven system with clients for over 7 years now- and over hundreds of coaches are having huge launches with this proven technique. Im looking forward to showing you this method and watching you shine and step into a true place of leadership in your practice!

If you could wave a magic wand and create health business that served every client’s needs but could also keep your own specialization what would that look like?

  • A lucrative health business that brings in ideal clients you LOVE to work with
  • A sense of relaxation and satisfaction being able to share in a way that doesn’t have you feeling drained with clients
  • A confidence in coaching that empowers you to take your niche and expand it tenfold using cognitive strategies in whatever you do
  • Abundant, consistent cash flow that allows you to give generously to yourself and others
  • Deep happiness and fulfillment knowing you’re making a bigger, more meaningful impact with your gifts
  • The freedom to let go of worry and stress associated with clients not “sticking” to the program
  • Deep fulfillment and joy because you’re making the impact you were born for
  • A “done for you” program with all the tools to take your business from mediocre to thriving
  • Easy to use, cognitive exercises to use with clients who are stuck with old eating habits, or any stress or emotional issues at all!

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