Pillar 3

Individualized Program of Business Strategy

Essential VISIBILITY systems and structures for a massive impact in your niche & recognition as a leader.

Pillar 3 is about letting go of anything that is blocking you from becoming the woman you KNOW you are. The woman who is meant to shine. The woman who knows that being visible in business is in direct relationship to her living in her highest truth.


Its time to drop the barriers and embrace your light- in business and in life.

While client attraction, sales, branding and internet marketing skills are mastered here, the CBC model makes your powerful presence online easy, effortless and even JOYFUL because it becomes a mission you feel lit up about rather than a cliff you are backing away from. 

It is about service, confidence and relationship mastery!

The Profit Multiplier is the CBC business system designed to take the new entrepreneur to 6 figures online with confidence, ease and JOY.

You will learn to:

  • Activate your Internal GPS for emotions (use our system to turbo charge productivity and positivity).
  • Develop your magnetic Credo and Unique Process
  • Handle challenging Internal communications, conflicts, and situations ( reframe black and white thinking).
  • Develop a Codependent Free Business
  • Learn the dance of time (sales versus production).
  • Master Sales Attraction System
  • Pricing for Profits
  • Turn conversations into cash with JOY
  • Identify and transform limiting belief systems
  • Break through visibility blocks and attract clients
  • Own your value see you can charge what you want
  • Master your Confidence Online
  • Branding and Personal Online Positioning
  • Create and stick to the Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Take your power back FOR GOOD
  • Make offers with ease and joy
  • Attract clients with confidence
  • Learn how to be visible, generate leads and deliver value
  • Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance

The following (2-7years) after that are the Profit Maximizer (Up to $2M).

Here You Will:

  • Embody the Client Acquisition Strategy which is Embed in Systems that work without you
  • Build a team and leverage your time ( Must attract the RIGHT people)
  • Support People with structures that work
  • Build a training and Systems Manual and Operations procedure to manage the backend of your business
  • Increase client satisfaction with systems that provide feedback and testimonials while you sleep
  • Operate a training system for all new players, so they integrate with your brand without fail
  • Learn how to interview employees and strategize to free up your time
  • Build your time off into your schedule and business structure
  • Learn the art of INNOVATION: make products and services stronger
  • Understand management versus micromanagement
  • Develop strong negotiation skills
  • Grow past upper limits FAST
  • Master the art of difficult conversations
  • Develop a solid hiring protocol
  • Measuring repeat and referral business
  • Developing leaders
  • Effective team meetings
  • Leadership versus management
  • Types of sales roles
  • Business becomes a cash flow machine
  • Manage cash Flow and profits

Clarity. Mindset. Strategy = RESULTS
Are you ready?