Click each module title below to download individually or download the modules all at once HERE.

Module 1

Find Your Authentic Voice & Influence Millions with Your Writing

Learn how to write from a place of truth, inspiration, and motivation PLUS learn that you have tons to share! 

Module 2

Abolish Pre-Write Fear & Discover Your Unique Message

Engaging in these transformational processes will get your out of analysis paralysis and into your unique message!

Module 3

Organization & Research to Create Your Dynamic Outline

Get the outline on paper in this module and share the joy! 

Module 4

Become a Daily Author & Re-Write the Old Stories that Have Kept You Stuck

Mindset is everything and this module has you covered! No more old stories keeping you stuck!

Module 5

Put That Pesky Writers Block to Sleep - Long Before It Happens!

Writers block is a common theme among even the best, but this module has you sorted before this even becomes an issue.

Module 6

Planning & Revising Made Simple

Editing and re-writing can be easy and fun, AND planning can be enjoyable. I will show you show!

Module 7

Publishing 101

In this module, you will be starting the process for publication and building excitement towards your end goal.

Module 8

Advanced Publishing & Literary Agents

Looking to take your project to the next level? Writing your second or third book? This is for you!

Module 9

Write Your Groundbreaking Proposal & e-Book Creation

Getting recognized and building a team can be done stress-free. In this module, I show you the simple steps to take your book to the next level!

Module 10

Get Yourself Noticed & Building a Following

There is nothing quite as sweet as the recognition of authorship. Learn how to build your following with your own uniqur positioning!

Module 11

Create Promotion that Stands Out & Has You Booked Up... Long Before You Even Launch

From interviews to workshops and social media mania, this module has you covered.

Module 12

Grand Finale & Press Engagement

Celebration time and creating a buzz with local and international press. Yes, about YOUR BOOK!