YOU are the GURU

When you begin to understand that your thoughts influence everything you do ,they affect every decision you make, and every behaviour you act out …you being to really understand that YOU have the power to change your own life, to transform your relationship with food and distorted eating patterns….for good ! When you are ready to look at something that isn't working in your life, an openness presents itself; a divine energy unfolds that creates great momentum and creativity if we allow it to. When you come to the place of "surrender" you have come to the winning side…in other words you are on the path to freedom. Admitting you need help, that you are done, and that you are ready for something bigger in your life is the fist necessary step to connecting to self and beginning to heal.

In the beginning it certainly can help to have a mentor, a support group, and creative pathways to new thoughts in order to shift old patterns and behaviours that have you stuck. In fact, it is very difficult to embark on this journey alone, especially if you spent most of your life in distorted eating patterns that have become ingrained and feel "normal". ( This certainly was my experience)

…..BUT, it is essential to remember that this process is one of connection to self. Always coming back to the present moment with yourself, learning how to get conscious throughout the day and TRUSTING YOURSELF !


When we give away our power to someone else, we disconnect with self rather than align. If all we are ever doing is running around searching for that the next right book,workshop, the almighty Guru…then we never come to truly understand that WE have the answers- that WE are the solution.

Find a mentor who EMPOWERS you to do the work ! Align with others who acknowledge your own innate ability to heal. Look for the guidance that is not about an "outside" solution but about making a shift internally, in your THINKING. And learn how to DO this on your own ! Its great to be inspired by speakers and motivated by leaders…but if you are not empowered with the TOOLS to do the work yourself…the connection remains outside your beautiful, blessed, all-knowing being.

 There is no quick fix, no Guru with all the answers and no "perfect food plan". There is however, a process that will bring you absolute PEACE around food…not over the course of a 2 week cleanse, not over a 6 week diet…but for a lifetime. That process is called CONSCIOUS THOUGHT. And anyone can learn it- anyone can have freedom.

I am not the next Dalai Lama, Im not the solution, there is no magic pill-  YOU are the master ! It is a CHOICE !

I offer a 12 week program that is a proven system. It will end emotional and compulsive eating- for GOOD. But only if you want it- only if you CHOOSE it. It works because it focuses on getting rid of the magic thought that makes everything worse than it needs to be…it helps YOU tap into your OWN VALUE.

….If I could shift a 15 year marriage to an eating disorder that brought me to my knees- then ANYONE can do it.

Wellnessfranki durbin