Why Eating Psychology is NOT enough…

I've been thinking about you lately. I’ve had some time to really look at the emails and questions I am getting on social media and have been thinking of the simplest way to explain just how eating "Psychology" is limited…and WHY that matters…

Its not that I don't love a good affirmation on my fridge.

Its not that I don't walk away from a Marianne Williamson book with a big smile on my face.

Its not that I wont love a good mindful eating meditation or tips for how to chew better.

Its not that I don't appreciate understanding how the thyroid works, how hormones affect weight gain, how my emotions play havoc on my gut…

But all this INFO was  just is NOT enough to take this compulsive, emotional, knowledgeable, smart, stuck educated woman from eating mindlessly most of the time to an empowered, free spirit who loves to eat…but doesnt live for it anymore.

An alcoholic can't expect to get well simply by reading a book about alcoholism….If you don't CHANGE the thoughts and behaviours..the same darn behaviour will persist, regardless of the information you have on the topic.

Affirmations don't work if you don't believe the affirmation.

You can tell yourself over and over again that your relationship with sugar will change but if you don't believe that, it simply will not happen..


Because People do not identify their negative beliefs underneath..the negative beliefs underneath OVER-RIDE the affirmation! And that old file that says, " You will never be ok with sugar" is still there….

But when you learn how to REFUTE the negative thought and actually CHANGE the file..well then the affirmation becomes alive and this is where REAL change happens!

I am offering a 1:1 Refute Power Session to share my Secret "Refute the Negative" technique..an exercise that takes under 15 minutes to complete and will create a complete shift in those negative thoughts!

This is valid until April 10th so contact me now and lets get at those darn files…its time to be FREE for REAL!  :)

Contact me here, and be sure to tell me you want to take part in the complimentary REFUTE call!


Biggest Blessings for Freedom Always :)





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