What Would it Take for you to Say Yes to YOU?

Dear one, today was a beautiful blue bird (blue skies Canada style) day here in Vancouver and I was reflecting on how amazing 2106 has been. I was thinking about all the mentors and growth I have had this year, all the incredible women I have worked with, their deep discoveries and client celebrations …and bank account wins! And then I got thinking, I want to ask you a question-

Are you someone who always thinks about things for days, weeks and months… that then turn into years? Months and years of NOT living your purpose, of settling for less than you desire and not striving for your dreams and deep wishes?

Do you look for the SIGNS "out there"? Something that will "tell" you it's the right time, right thing, right coach, program?

Now don't get me wrong, I believe in Universal energy, living up to divine frequency and being in flow…BUT I've also learnt to find the signs within me. Ive learned to trust myself, to listen deeply and to hear what my signs are. In fact, Ive learned to create my own signs. My dream life is all about me creating it and guess what?- you get to have that too!

Every single coach who has had success has decided to step up and say YES.

Not just once but over and over again. Now they did not say YES  because they knew what would happen with certainty on the other side, and they did not only say yes when the action was perfect with no chance of failure. They kept saying YES. And they still do! My first 3 years of coaching for example was all YES, but very little success. But I didnt quit! I learnt, I grew and I trusted.You're dream life is available for you too- but only if you decide to trust it. And what comes with trust? Commitment! When you decide and take action quickly you tell the Universe you are all in! Saying YES is more than a step- its a LEAP. Its a powerful statement of I AM and it gets stronger each time you do it!

So how do you feel about making 2017 a year about living from your deepest desires? Of saying YES to your passions and living from your heart? What if you could start right now! What if you never had to live in the " what if" ever again. What if you made the decision right now to step into your power and say YES TO YOU?

Really getting this deeper level mindset work is a key building block of what I teach in Living Brilliant Mastermind, in fact I would say it is a huge part of the personal growth component. Of course I teach the systems and structures to build a solid online business with clarity and clients but what is life changing is that it completely transforms you as a women and entrepreneur from the inside out!

And The First Step is Right Here.

Having peer support and a true sisterhood that understands and is going through the same transformations and upleveling can change everything. Community is so important and masterminds such as this one provide the opportunity to really grow and develop with a tribe who “gets” who you are and where you are going. You don’t need to do this alone!

This high vibe, intimate mastermind, Living Brilliance, is about just that. It is about stepping into mastery of the brilliance of who you are as a person and therefore allowing you to shine as a coach and online entrepreneur. Its about starting the new year with a decision to make 2017 the year you step into your power fully, own your worth and serve in the way you are meant to- the way that you were born to serve on this planet!

This is for you:

If you're a 2 feet in kinda gal and you are DONE paying small If you're 100% COMMITTED to your success If you WILL do what it takes, no matter what If you know 2017 is YOUR year (for real)

Get started with me and your mastermind sisters HERE today :),

Shelley x.

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