We Must

When I became a "thought warrior', I  became a TRUTH SEEKER.  There was a time in my life when I couldn't even recognize a feeling, never mind a thought. I spent my days reacting to negative occurrences and constantly craving positive ones. I was never enough nor was there ever enough around me to have me BE ok.

But ...I've always been a TRUTH SEEKER and I knew that the issue was not what was going on around me, but inside me. I started to look inside....

In meditation, we have the opportunity to experience the truth inside- the REAL misery, the real joy. As we sit in silent observation we see that being PRESENT is being in ACCEPTANCE- complete acceptance of what is-" good" or" bad." This is true love, true happiness. As we go deeper, we perform an analytical study of our own structure...experiencing the most subtle truths of the mind and uncovering the deepest illusions.

By getting quiet we begin to SEE the true nature of our mind- the thoughts and stories that are creating misery in our lives. We have the opportunity to come out of illusion and confusion of the mind. We have the opportunity to live in LIGHT.

This practice of single pointed concentration is not a religion, nor is it sectarian- it is universal. It is a way to LIVE peacefully. It is a way of life; a way to live harmoniously with ourselves and others. When we see the impurities of our thoughts we can transform them. This is the first step in changing the habit pattern of the mind- to STOP REACTING. Real happiness and peace begin when we stop reacting and begin to step into our own authenticity.When we are living in authenticity and our mind is pure there is no danger of harming ourselves or others.

When I began to ask, " how can I be authentic to that which I am ? ", my life changed. I began to embrace myself. I became brave enough to stand first in the darkness to allow for the light to appear.


I realized, the more deeply I sit in presence- the more I MERGE without resistance, the more BLISS I have in my life !

Meditation asks us to surrender to a place of not knowing in ALL our interactions. We become PRESENT to life and begin to really LIVE.

Just for today...pick a daily task ( anything! ), such as eating a meal...practice being mindful for the duration of this task for the entire day. Notice and experience how it feels to simply eat without thinking of what was going on yesterday or what is to come later. Watch the thoughts pass through the mind,be aware of the senses. Be present 100% for the task.

All everything ever is is PRESENCE. All we ever are is PRESENCE.

How are you PRESENT for your life today ? I would love to hear :)

If this speaks to your heart, share it below :)


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