Its the million dollar question isn't it? How to lose the weight..for good!…Well Im about to tell you HOW. change now


Been on and off a diet your entire life?

Felt frustrated that you just can't seem to get this "food" thing quite right.

Felt like a failure and doubt you will ever maintain a healthy weight?

Thought "today is the day" I will start eating mindfully and in a healthy way..but failed to get started or you sabotage before the day is done?

Often said " tomorrow it will be different" but nothing seems to change?

Turned to food to deal with emotions?

Eaten unconsciously and wish you hadn't once its over?

Had a very critical inner voice that judges you for eating or not eating the "right" food?

Tried every diet out there, and nothing works permanently?

Felt sick and tired of being on the " weight" roller coaster?

Thought and/ or obsessed about food a lot?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then most likely you are struggling with Problematic Eating…and NO diet will EVER be the solution to your problem. To let go of weight means to let go of any and all destructive THINKING and BEHAVIORS associated with food. Counting calories, restricting foods, having a "good" and "bad" list only creates a set up for failure time and time again.

Ironically,if you truly want shed the pounds, you must surrender the "diet mentality" and focus on what Joshua Rosenthal ( Director of Institute for Integrative Nutrition) terms," Primary Food".

Primary Foods are the "behind the scenes" of a problematic eaters life; the thoughts, behaviours, emotions, relationship schemas, and belief systems that create the actual "problem". While most people find themselves feeling "defective" somehow, the truth of the matter is that a primary food problem is simply a THINKING problem. Once you learn how to shift distorted thinking around shape, weight and food, you are able to let go of the emotional attachment and compulsion/ obsession with food. When you work with the Primary Foods, the Secondary foods ( nourishment the body ingests) begins to quiet and it does become less of a focus in life anymore. If you never unwind and look at the thoughts behind the stress and anxiety for example, you never deal with that PIECE of the Problematic Eating. If you never shift the destructive patterns in relationships, you will always turn to food to fill that gap …or if you never learn how to question the "should's" in your life, you will always be eating out of a place of guilt and shame.

In my upcoming 12 week program, one powerful element is that I teach you HOW to shift the Primary Foods that are keeping you stuck in Problematic Eating.It is almost like updating an old file system, whereby you replace the old data with new updated information that then allows the entire system to function in a much more powerful way. So when you are UPDATING OLD FILES, you might ask:When did weight and shape first becomes an issue around food? What age? What was the major thought that was going on at that time?

* That thought is your COGNITIVE FILE. That is the thinking that (when you have weight and shape issues), that file gets triggered! You must become AWARE of it and RESTRUCTURE it! Put it in the trash can! You have now identified that base underlining thinking that get's triggered. DIETS don’t work because it is about your THINKING. You can make GOOD CHOICES with GOOD THINKING!

The REAL Steps to PERMANENT Weight Loss:

1. Get Rid of the scale!

2. Let go of the DIET Mentality ( no counting calories etc)

3. Become the "investigator" rather than the prosecutor when you have an off day with food ( examine what happened, what the thoughts were, how it could change next time)

4. Learn how to unravel your distorted thinking so that you are able to break destructive patterns and behaviours

5. Make self care a number ONE priority on your life


…Make a decision never to be a “victim” to your problematic eating ever again. Make it a priority to learn the tools to heal, trust the process and always look at how far you have come. Acknowledge that you are moving forward regardless of what your thoughts might say from time to time. And before any of that…STOP the diet mentality for good.

For more on how to heal, and live a full and radiant life of freedom with body, weight and shape…AND lose the weight for good join us here! Our group program starts in 2 weeks and early bird pricing is still in effect!


Please share with whom this might serve and I look forward to reading your comments below!



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