The REAL Health Solution

Problematic Eating stems from an obsession of the mind that CANNOT be healed by the latest cleanse, the latest diet or the latest cure-all Guru…it just can’t. The suffering that comes from emotional and compulsive eating alone affects a huge percentage of the population…and this phenomenon is only getting worse. YES, Obesity is at an all time high, children are suffering from high sugar diets and anxiety disorders are though the roof. And what most turn to is a quick fix solution such as a diet, a cleanse, or some new Hollywood fad. Just take the soda machines out of schools and things will be fine, or eat only raw to avoid sugar at all cost…There is nothing wrong with these all things of course, but it is only addressing a very small portion of the problem. The REAL trigger is in our heads- its starts and ends with : our THINKING.

So, why are things getting worse ?

Why haven’t we found the “perfect” diet to end all cravings, all compulsions, all obsessions ?

Why are more people suffering with disordered eating than ever before ?

The sad truth is that we have gotten so far away from looking INSIDE ourselves, that our focus is solely on what we can change AROUND us to make us OKAY.


If we don’t begin to train our minds, the way we are so used to training our bodies, we will continue, as individuals, and as a culture, to spiral into this place of desperation with food and body weight. What’s the good news ?


When you have come to admit that you are suffering from disordered eating, you are ready to heal. This is the first step.

The program I have developed is a proven system- that works. It is not a crash course diet, it is not a self help program- it is a structured outline that empowers YOU to heal yourself over the period of 12 weeks. It works because it looks at how black and white thinking, and lack of self care is the basis of recovery. It takes apart the REASONS why you use food and creates a new paradigm. It challenges toxic schema’s such as rejection, self – sacrifice, and care taking. It teaches you how to get into your body- and stay there !

I have had the incredible opportunity to watch women recover FULLY- globally from disordered eating. They live free lives- not only physically, but without obsession and with a true love of self. The program outlines below is the basis for this healing. I know it works, because I was the first trail patient- I was completely beaten by my eating disorder and for 15 years shave been COMPLETELY FREE. I followed the outline layer out below. I continue to share it because its needed. Its important . And it’s time.

manual !

Week 1- Community and Connection

Week 2- Restriction and Planning

Week 3- Food Plan Versus DIET

Week 4- Spiritual Dilema

Week 5- Undernourished Body

Week 6- Mindfulness and Food

Week 7 – Stress and Recovery- WHY you do it

Week 8 –Triggers and Food- A Deeper Look

Week 9- Self Esteem and Your Thoughts

Week 11- Guilt, Shame and Your Thoughts

Week 12- Relapse Prevention

When we begin to question our thinking and start to dig into the reasons behind our food issues, we are able to unlock the prison our bodies and minds have suffered in for so long. This program is about MASTERING the anxiety and stress that lead to disordered eating…not just COPING !

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Are you ready to HEAL from disordered eating…FOR GOOD ? If not this, WHAT ? And if not now…WHEN ?

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