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Emotional eating can be debilitating. And it can be tough to overcome. Treating and helping an emotional eater is a challenge. It is frustrating when you see your patient fall back on the emotional eating rollercoaster. Chances are, as a practitioner, you’ve struggled to help your patients overcome emotional eating and dieting. Probably few have actually fully recovered. You hate to admit you’re failing and you don’t know why.

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You want to help 1000’s of women overcome dieting and move on to the road of health. But something’s missing.


The missing link to helping an emotional eater is to look at their behaviors in a different light. You don’t have the tools to serve an emotional eater and help them recover. 90% of your clients fall into this category. Most of your clients fall into the emotional eater category one way or another.

Here are 5 things you can do to reach out to emotional eaters – to help connect with clients, secure those clients, and see long-term results.


  1. Help your clients learn HOW to get on the road to recovery, not just tell them WHAT to do.
  2. Teach your clients how to maintain a healthy mindset to eating.
  3. Inspire your clients to reach their goals and recovery isn’t a far-off dream.
  4. Learn cognitive exercises to use with your clients who are stuck in old eating habits.
  5. Market to your ideal clients in a way that resonates and connects with them.

Are you ready to close the missing link between helping your emotional eater client become recovered?

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An overarching aspect of becoming an effective, competent coach is learning how to think like an empiricist. One of the hallmarks of empowering emotional eaters is teaching the clients themselves to think more empirically.

They THINK WRONG! That is the problem- and in order to empower them to THINK better- you MUST have a formula!

And I have done the work for you!


ALL NEW!  " Breaking Free" Practitioners Training Program! LEARN HOW TO WORK WITH EMOTIONAL EATERS AND EXPAND YOUR REACH! START: MAY 1, 2016


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Health Professionals who work with women with eating disorders and/or emotional eating and are looking for a program of recovery- I am sharing my work! Its time to expand your coaching reach and learn how to HEAL Emotional and Compulsive eaters! I have been using this 12 Week Program with great success the past several years and have now published this program but have made it ADAPTABLE for YOUR program! I am training others who would like to learn how to teach their clients how to BREAK FREE of the emotional component (the entire problem) associated with problematic eaters. I know you’re bursting to share your message and expertise in a much BIGGER way! You were born to help 1000’s of people and make a HUGE difference as a Health Ambassador! If you’re like me, growing your coaching business means living your true purpose. Its about waking up every day knowing you are transforming lives longterm in health and you are fulfilling your greatest potential on the planet! Imagine Having… A lucrative, 6 figure Coaching business that serves ANY client that walks in the door A 50,000 annual increase in revenue by expanding your coaching reach to emotional eaters! An easy- to-use proven system to reach Emotional and Compulsive Eaters of all types The freedom to let go of worry and stress associated with clients not “sticking” to the program Deep fulfillment and joy because you’re making the impact you were born for A “done for you” program with all the tools to take your business from mediocre to thriving Easy to use, cognitive exercises to use with clients who are stuck with old eating habits. This is not simply a “psychology or self help program- NOT AT ALL…this is a done for you 12 Week Program that gives you ALL THE TOOLS to facilitate a transformation in your client’s thinking so that they can heal the problematic eating issues. When your clients have all the information and know WHAT to do but not HOW to do it, you need to work on an internal level to shift their black and white thinking so they are able to CHOOSE health. MORE INFO HERE: CLICK: WATCH MORE HERE!

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What has you feeling stuck in your practice with this who cannot follow their plans? How do you handle difficult clients who don't seem to be having success? 

I would love to answer any questions you have on the Cognitive Approach below!


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