The ESSENTIAL Do's and Don't for an Emotional Eating Coach

Being a leader in the industry of emotional eating carries a unique set of guidelines and important understandings… When you are working as a coach with emotions, it is important that you are able to maintain a clear set of boundaries with clients, while creating a safe place for them to explore and shift the thoughts that are creating chaos with food in their lives.

What are the Essential Do's for a Coach working with Emotional Eating?

  • Be CLEAR before you market yourself. What is your MISSION statement ? What change do you want to create in the world? What inspires you to want to get out there and serve?
  • Engage with clients personally. Create discovery calls, info forms, discuss goals openly, and ask lots of questions. Let THEM do most of the talking!
  • Make your website copy CLEAR. What is it you do? What are the benefits of working with you? Can a potential clients understand what you expect out of the relationship simply by looking at your copy?
  • Get all the train necessary for you to feel TOTALLY confident in this area of coaching…WHY? Because whether its your focus or not- you WILL work with emotional eaters!

Now, What are the Essential Don'ts?

  • Do not create dependency with clients. Make it a priority to empower THEM to do the work, rather than you carrying them through it… this is why I LOVE the Cognitive Work, it does this for me!
  • Do not take on clients that you do not feel comfortable or competent working with. Pass them on or get support in order to feel confident and really serve. Practice is great and good coaching takes time, but know you limits here.
  • Never "promise" a quick fix recovery with problematic eaters. Never. it does nothing to help them. the truth is, this is an individual path, and its a one day at a time deal. However- if they follow a proven system to heal, they can recover fairly quickly.
  • Don't try to convince clients, encourage them.
  • NEVER focus on food alone with problematic eaters; its simply NOT enough. To really make a huge difference, follow a program of recovery that is based on cognitive techniques and a clear step by step outline for long term health!

Working with Emotional Eaters is the absolute most satisfying, and gratifying work I have ever done.

Empowering people to fall in love with themselves, their bodies and food  is incredibly inspiring! After just 12 weeks many of my clients have COMPLETE TURN AROUNDS!

My 12 week " Breaking Free Practitioners Training Program" has taught hundreds of health professionals WORLD- WIDE how to use these strategies and to MASTER their coaching sills with emotional eaters.

Not only that, they had an easy to use 12 Step Program to make their own and offer the clients they serve!

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Here's what just one client had to say..

"The program has shed so much light and insight on why problematic eating occurs for me and that truly is the key I had been missing all along. Throughout my struggle with problematic eating, particularly binge eating, in attempts to correct the issue I would always try to go back to “self-control” and “self-discipline” tactics. I would take the diet approach and try to act based on the list of “shoulds” that I had created for myself based around eating. This never had a lasting effect and always left me falling back into the trap of uncontrolled binges and feelings of guilt, shame, and disappointment. Feeling like a failure left me in a continual viscous cycle of always reverting back to food for comfort. After going through the program and learning the reasons behind problematic eating I can truly say that I have learned the tools necessary to become free from problematic eating with lasting results. These tools have helped me to dig deep into the roots of my thought process which has helped me to understand my emotions and therefore my actions. I truly recommend this program to anyone who deals with any issues regarding problematic eating or has had a struggle with their weight – you will not regret it.” – Kayla 

I trust these tips served friends and I hope to share so much more with you in the weeks to come in our discounted program.

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I look forward to empowering emotional eaters GLOBALLY with YOU all, and creating a ripple effect WORLD WIDE that says RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

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In Unity and Freedom!

Shelley :)

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