Surrender Your Old Will

What is our will? What are we surrendering it to?

Our “old will” is that place inside that feeds the delusions of your mind and keeps you stuck in problematic eating. When you begin to recover, it is easy to fall back into old behaviors and thoughts. Sometimes resistance shows up, and we find ourselves spiraling backward into old self-defeating patterns.

Surrender means coming to the winning side, letting go of needing to control the show, and just allowing things to unfold at the pace they need with all the feelings that may come with it.This isn’t an easy thing to do, and we need to remind ourselves daily that we are now ready to surrender our old, sneaky will and allow for the divine essence within us to shine. It is also about making the decision to DO things differently.

If you are really wanting to heal, are you willing to do what is required?

Practice letting go of questions, assumptions, and old negative beliefs, placing them in the hands of the divine. (This is your highest self or any other entity you wish to surrender to.) Consciously connect—through prayer, meditation, or simply a quiet space each morning—to your higher self, your consciousness, or the entity to which you call the divine to release you from your old will and be open to the bigger plan and its timing in the universe. In this place of surrender you will begin to feel an openness and expansion that creates the space for change.

This isn't a religious idea, but simply a sense of connecting with yourself intimately.

new beginning



As you begin to surrender your old will and come into some new thinking about food, shape, and weight, you will begin to witness small (and sometimes big) miracles all around you. Grace is the powerful feeling of “being in the flow” or at the right place at the right time. It is a feeling of ease and comfort that has you know that you are being guided and looked after and that all is well. Of course, grace comes into our lives at different times and in different ways, but as you continue down the road of recovery, you certainly will experience grace in many different ways. By working with your spiritual toolbox and transforming your thinking, you make room for grace to surface in your life.

“Grace is an unreasonable force; it pays no mind to what we consider difficulties. It has the power to lift you beyond your abilities and draw support into your life just as you need it.”

Have you experienced TRUE surrender with your relationship with food yet? Have you experienced GRACE in your life?

It is there waiting. It simply takes a decision to let go.

5 Steps to Surrender…

1. Make a decision that you are committed to a new way, and open to possibility.

2. Ask for help. Decide that you are worth it and ask for all the help and support you need.

3. Let go of the 'quick fix" and "diet" mentality, and adopt an understand that this is a journey, with ups and downs but that as you continue you will be successful.

4. Write down all of the negative thoughts that keep coming up that are holding you back. 

5. QUESTION all of the thoughts written above! Ask yourself:

  • Is this thought true?
  • Is there another possibility here that might also be true?
  • What is a turn around for this thought?
  • How is this thought possibly distorted? ( Is it black and white thinking, rigid, based on self sabotage?)

Please share this if it serves, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts below!

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