On day three of the accident recovery I am reminded of the process of recovering from emotional and destructive eating…

Today has been the hardest yet, and with a big list of things to do, a launch in progress, and many emails to respond to… I'm having to repeat that powerful word "surrender" each and every moment.
My body wants to rest, my mind is exhausted… But Letting go is a process...

And At times I can hear in the background, I am telling myself… "It's not OK."

Amazing, I thought!

This is exactly the space I was in when I was trying to recover from an eating disorder… not being able to except and just be in whatever is… Trusting that that is exactly what is meant to be at this very moment! And such a gift to have this reminder really!

The ironic part is, that today-when I finally allowed myself to be as I was – everything changed! I relaxed into that space… The muscles calm down… I felt some peace!

Working with emotional eaters requires patience and understanding for sure… But unless they have a come to that place of surrender, it doesn't matter what you do – the work will always be a challenge...

I had to do the million diets, the starvation plans, the over and under eating sessions… And had to wake up many miserable mornings to realize that I had to let go and do something different!

Today, as I rested on my couch with a cup of tea I fell into that beautiful space…

That space of allowing.

When our clients come to our websites and we offer them a different way… This allows for spaciousness and Troost to set in. It may take them to her three times to realize that this is what they need… But your words of truth and power and strength will stay with them.

When we help someone to change the cognitive patterns that are running their life.

We create space for something new.

Without that, they stay stuck in the same loop that they have been in four days, years and even decades! That Loop called insanity it can be very difficult to break.

But when we offer a real long-term solutions… We offer a way for people to break free from this – how powerful is that!

me rest
How do you offer this piece of surrendering your practice? What does it look like in your own life? Please post below, I would love to hear!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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