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If I could do it..So can you…

Many of you know my story.

Most of you know that I suffered with an eating disorder from the very young age of 7.
I would walk to the bus top in the morning, just having finished breakfast and eat all of my lunch there before getting to school.

I started purging by high school and gained almost 70 pounds in a very short time.My weight fluctuated daily and I had 3 sizes of clothes in my closet for 15 years. I lost my period for a year and was told i was " in trouble" by several specialists.
Then I was introduced to the cognitive work, which later inspired, The Conscious Coaching Model. This was more than understanding the Psychology of what I was doing- this is specific behavioral changes paired with pro-active thinking strategies that I used on an ongoing basis.

What I didn't understand before working with this model was that no thought is rent free. Another words, I was either moving towards my health goals or away for them, depending on the distorted thoughts I came to believe that were true! When I learned how to integrate this system into my life, I got conscious- and I realized, that when you are conscious, you have choice!

My life changed.

I recovered, one day at a time.
I will never be able to thank the man that introduced this to me.
After I recovered i was inspired. I trained with him for years and developed simple tools to use as needed.

Then I became a health coach.

I thought I had to do teach people what I learned in school- I tried to teach

" food" and all the 'do's " and don'ts in nutrition..

It didn't work..people wouldn't stick to it..we were both frustrated...and I actually quite coaching..until I realized I was actually doing more damage than good with problematic eaters- I knew enough from my own story..I had to be sharing the cognitive work.

I wrote the Cogntive Program- the exact strategies I used to heal..the specialized cognitive techniques and the the step by step strategy for emotional eating..and it worked!

Hundreds recovered and I knew this was important work to share.

Coaches started asking me about it.

I wrote " The Breaking Free Practitioners Training Program" and it has helped hundreds of coaches transition to a level of work that is inspiring, truthful, direct, specific and fundamental to emotional eating, and it is changing lives!

More Info Here: Breaking Free Practitioner Training SALE
If you want to learn more about how you can add this work to your practice- regardless of what your niche is, I invite you to a 1:1 sessions with me. I promise- you will use this..for much more than eating!!

It has made me WANT to do this work. It has made me EXCITED to be a coach again.
…AND IT BROUGHT IN MY FIRST 10,000 LAUNCH, WHICH CONTINUES TO GROW MONTHLY! I am now teaching health professionals, TCM's , Naturopaths and doctors this work- its so so important!

 I am offering a short discovery call for those who have never worked with me before to see if this is a fit in you practice. I have 4 spots left available until MONDAY ! First come first serve- cant wait to share this guys! :)

Email me at : shelley@emergingjewel.com to grab a spot!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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