How to STOP Triggers for Emotional Eaters- FREE Webinar Info!


I have been hearing for months that one of the biggest challenges working with clients who have emotional or compulsive eating issues is that they get "triggered" and their greatest day goes sideways in a matter of minutes!

Coaches try strategies such as "distraction" having the clients head out for a run or start a morning meditation practice, but at the end of the day…their clients just can't stay consistent to the food plan and they are not happy with themselves..or their progress.

What most people still do not totally understand is that problematic eating ( any problem you clients have with food) is its not about the food.

Thats right..Its not about the food…even the FOOD Trigger is not about the food itself!

Crazy right? So what is it about?

Well, its about the thoughts, which cause emotions which cause behavioural pattern that your clients come to believe is part of who they are. They take these patterns on like a "defective badge of honour", and walk around with guilt and shame about why they just can't figure out this darn "food thing".

The belief system that they are defective becomes ingrained and that in itself can be a trigger to overeat or punish themselves somehow with food.

shelly not for youNow the dilemma here is that most health professionals treat this very delicate belief system issue..this thinking problem like a food issue and just try to adjust the clients diet..taking out this..adding that..but of course, the it never lasts and your client feels defeated once again.


You got it..because its just not about the food. 

Now Im not saying that if you are eating piles of sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner that you wont crave sugar. Im not saying there are not physical symptoms associated with food. But to change the behaviour patterns our clients are stuck in, we must change the thinking that has them pick up the food in the first place…so that they have the power to choose what they put in their mouths from one moment to the next.

Now this is a big, old topic with lots of juicy information that will really transform your practice and the way you connect with each and every one of your clients so I want to make sure you get ALL the information on each of these triggers, and how you can get rid of them..for good.

So be sure to join me this Tuesday at 6pm pst on a Free Webinar, as I share the proven cognitive strategy to help your clients break free of the 4 major triggers, for good!

This is for you if :

-You are a health professional who wants to expand their practice and learn how to successfully heal emotional eating! (About 90% of your clients ARE in fact eating emotionally in some way!)

-You are looking to powerfully serve in this industry and need tools that work long term to stop cravings and triggers for emotional eaters.

You are ready to go deeper with clients. You need to be inspired in your work, and you want to get at the bottom of what is keeping your clients stuck!

What you will walk away with from this free webinar:

-Build your client reach by learning how to work with emotional eaters successfully!
-Finally identify what is keeping your clients from following your recommendations and having them feel frustrated week after week
-Identify the 4 major triggers to emotional and compulsive eating and how to put them to rest for good!
-Understand why FOOD truly isn't the enemy and …what is!
-Use the tools of cognitive restructuring to help your clients get well, expand your programs and finally be able to serve emotional eaters with practical tools that work!
-Learn specific tools to get confident helping ANY emotional or compulsive eater.
-Walk away with proven systems to use in your practice immediately to get RESULTS with emotional eaters!


I look forward to sharing these juicy tips with you and I am giving you all I got, so don't miss it! Recording will be available only to those who are registered for the webinar- please sign up above!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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