If you are a disordered eater, a binge eater, an emotional eater, a closet eater, a compulsive over eater, or any type of  problematic eater..then nutrition and exercise are NOT your solution. Im not saying they are not helpful…but they are not the answer.

Of course, physically healing the body is important, but without healing the emotional and mental body, a permanent healing cannot take place. There is a deep interconnection among all four aspects of our being, and the spiritual component of recovery has been shown to be very important. Positive thinking, constructive self-behaviours, and a decline in body and shape obsession are strongly linked with spiritual recovery. 

The word “spiritual” here doesn’t mean religious. What we’re talking about is a connection with the highest spirit in your life—a conscious connection with your deepest self. This connection may be through a deity such as Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and so forth, but only if that deity is what touches your deepest soul. However, a deity isn’t necessary at all. What is important here is that you are working to consciously connect with your highest self throughout the day and to stay present and aware of your actions and behaviours. Some people find this connection through nature, meditation, prayer, breath, music, dance, and so on.

So how does one connect with his or her highest source?


This is simply about training the mind to begin to see differently. As the mind shifts from a closed, confined, judgmental, confused, and distorted space to one of openness and clarity, it is only natural that you will find peace of mind as well and that positive behaviours will become effortless as result.

There is absolutely nothing “out there” that can create suffering like the diluted mind.

A mind that is stuck in very rigid, black-and-white thinking is common in the problematic eater. Instead of staying in these low, vibrational thoughts, a person has the opportunity to connect with one’s higher self and begin to see more clearly. This is the spiritual connection that heals problematic eating for life.

A connection to your truth (your needs, feelings, and emotions), faith in the ability to change your thoughts, and the willingness to do so are of utmost importance here because dysfunctional eating isn’t about what you’re eating but why.

Your thinking, therefore, creates patterns of beliefs that become so ingrained that they unconsciously determine the actions and behaviors that leave you stuck. When you are connected with your breath and conscious of the thoughts and feelings that are present, you begin to feel connected and calm in your body, a spiritual connection begins, and your mind comes out of the trance. You begin to understand the thoughts that are driving you to eat in a destructive way. In the process of listening to the body and being present, you begin to understand in a very deep way that you’re able to consciously create your minute, hour, and day the way you want it to be— including how you want to feel in your body and what you will put on your plate.

By letting go of the diet mentality and embracing truth through conscious attention to the present moment and your thinking, you are able to actually enjoy nourishing food rather than looking for the next “fix.”

Your body begins to want to eat well because you’re honoring your highest good by taking deep care of the mind in this way. You no longer have to live with rigid rules and punishing demands on yourself. In this way, you want to nourish your body because you care, and that is reason enough to be truthful and present with yourself and your food.

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