Question the thought...

If we want a joyous life, we must think joyous thoughts, if we want a peaceful life, we must think peaceful thoughts. Learning how to QUESTION the thought is a powerful tool in creating a conscious connection with spirit and activating awareness of present moment. So where to start ? I spent years with affirmations all over my house- and I believe in the power of reflection and mindful, consistent words...but the deep rooted BELIEFS I held about myself inevitably surfaced and would take over in any stressful moment or any situation of uncertainty. I needed tools to begin to look at these belief systems that were running my life- consciously or not.

Distorted thoughts, lead to distorted beliefs- which inevitably control our reactions and behaviors in our lives. Many of the distorted thoughts begin with : I should, shouldn't, ought to, and have to. A powerful tool in reversing a deep rooted belief is to take it apart to see where the distortion lies. First, write down the thought that is causing the undesirable situation:  " I should exercise every day ! ".  Begin by looking at what emotions this thought brings up ( hopelessness, discouragement, pessimism, inferiority), and  get it on paper. Then  write 10 statements that you believe to be true that counteract this thought:

1. I am happiest when I don't obsess about exercise

2. The body needs a day of rest to restore

3. I am working on loving myself as I am ( I will not write an affirmation like : "I love myself as I am" UNLESS I BELIEVE it !

4. I am learning how to live my life in moderation and peace

You continue to write 10 statements then read each one aloud. How much do you believe each statement ? Write a percentage beside each thought. For example :    1. I am happiest when I don't obsess about exercise- 98 %.

If you find any statements where the belief is very low, create a more believable statement. In completing the exercise, look at your original thought " I should exercise every day". Create a more DESIRABLE thought ! A thought you know believe to be true.: " I will be mindful in my decision to exercise and I commit to moderation".

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