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If I can heal- anyone can!

If you haven't read my story- please do so……I GET IT , I REALLY DO.
I lived in the depths of despair with Problematic Eating from the age of 7 years old.
I hid food, stole food, ate food out of garbage cans, manipulated, lied, and isolated with the food. I was never good enough, I WAS never enough…and I punished myself WITH or WITHOUT food.

For 20 years I suffered….and then a miracle happened.

I got willing- more willing than I had ever been.

I realized that it was up to me to get well- that nobody was going to do it for me…and that I would do whatever it takes.

your responsibiility

The amazing thing about willingness is that when you open yourself to that, the Universe always meets you there. I was met with the guidance of incredible teachers, mentors and support systems and I followed them, one day at a time, one month at a time until I got well.
I followed the exact system that is laid out below and it excites me to be able to now share it with you…..An online program to heal from Problematic Eating…for life !

12 Week Online Program to Heal Problematic Eating FOR LIFE !

Who is this program for ?

This program is for you if :

• You think "today is the day" I will start eating mindfully and in a healthy way..but you can't get started or you sabotage before the day is done. • You are often saying " tomorrow it will be different" but nothing seems to change • You turn to food to deal with emotions • You eat unconsciously and wish you hadn't once its over • You have a very critical inner voice that judges you for eating or not eating the "right" food • You have an eating disorder and are ready to let it go for good • You have tried every diet out there, and nothing works permanently • You are sick and tired of being on the " weight" roller coaster • You must loose weight and you want to do it in a healthy way that will last • You think and/ or obsess about food a lot of the time • You cannot seem to loose the weight you need to regardless of what " diet" you have tried • You are ready to look inside and change the thoughts that are affecting true recovery • You are ready to heal…for life • You are ready to make peace with food ( It is not the enemy)

WHEN : August 11th- October 27th, 2014
Each coaching session is 1.5 hours long and is done through free conference
The sessions are every Monday at 6-7.30 pm PDT.( 9- 10.30 EDT).
Recordings are available but the calls are interactive so it is highly suggested you attend each one.
What is Included ?
  • Online Facebook group to connect with others
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Two private sessions with Shelley before program start-up and in the final week
  • Tools, resources and handouts to change your distorted thinking around food
  • Meditation and mindfulness training ( You will leave the course with a daily practice)
  • A 12 week working manual - one module sent each week.

Week 1- Community and Connection

Week 2- Restriction and Planning

Week 3- Food Plan Versus DIET

Week 4- Spiritual Dilema

Week 5- Undernourished Body

Week 6- Mindfulness and Food

Week 7 – Stress and Recovery- WHY you do it

Week 8 –Triggers and Food- A Deeper Look

Week 9- Self Esteem and Your Thoughts

Week 11- Guilt, Shame and Your Thoughts

Week 12- Relapse Prevention

For more information,watch below :

Benefits of this Program :
  • Get " conscious" and come out of the "trance", the " highway hypnosis" around food !
  • Learn how to identify the distorted thoughts that leave you trapped
  • Develop a daily mindfulness and meditation practice that will shift your patterns with food and weight
  • Learn how to LOVE who you are
  • Access to a lifetime of tools resources to combat Problematic Eating and any time
  • Let go of the prison of food and weight FOR LIFE
  • Get off of the DIET roller coaster once and for all !
  • See life and your place in it in a whole new way !
  • Let go, once and for all, of the behaviours that keep you stuck
  • Learn how to take care of your body nutritionally
  • 12 week manual and several handouts/worksheets to use long after the course is over
  • Have a tribe to walk this journey with you
*** This is a VERY hands-on Program ! You will be in ACTION from start to finish !
YOU are the GURU here- This is about you WAKING UP and HEALNG- for life !!
I am so excited to support you in changing your relationship with food- and your life !
Register now if you are serious about healing and ready to let go and be free FOR LIFE ( limited availability as I want to keep the group small) :

CLICK this link to register- and for further details…

or contact me for more information:

There is a solution- don't let anyone tell you differently…ever. You deserve to recover- COMPLETELY.



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