Felt the FEAR- and DID it anyways!

I spent years wallowing in the biggest resistance category of all time for a Problematic Eater…FEAR! And I hope you never have to do the same. The thoughts and beliefs we convince ourselves to be true can be debilitating at best! Blaming others and outside situations is a common way to hide out. " This isn't the right time for me to deal with this…" THEY don't understand…".

Denial is another powerful way to hide out from true recovery. Convincing yourself there is 'nothing wrong" or that there is "nothing" that can be done about the situation is all too common. Thoughts like, " What good will it do to change" or " It will go away eventually" can leave us stuck for YEARS… and sadly, this was my experience for many years.

The BIGGEST resistance of all is FEAR- " Im not ready yet" " I might fail" " Im afraid to look inside.." " I might loose my control" " I don't trust it will work" " I don't deserve it" "People won't understand"

…..and on and on it goes.

I have been to all of these places, with all of these thoughts- and I am so grateful for the willingness that had me look fear right in the eyes and identify it as such! I was so ready and willing to do whatever it took to be FREE around food, shape and weight and I DECIDED to take ACTION regardless of my thoughts, feelings, beliefs…and FEARS!

I encourage you to LOOK at where you are stuck- what are the thoughts you are telling yourself?

If you are ready to move FORWARD today- if you are ready to take ACTION to heal, I invite you to join us.

ON August 11th we will unite online, interactively for a 12 week Program to END Problematic Eating…for good. The early bird special ends August 5th- we have only a couple spaces left for those who want it. We would love to have you with us.

Click on the link below to learn about what will be covering in each week throughout the program!


What are you doing to let go of your fearful thoughts today? What action are you taking? What is your 'next step" ?

I would love to hear your comments below, and please share with whomever this might serve :)


Wellnessfranki durbin