Living In Truth

One of the most common characteristics of a problematic eater is an inability to speak up. I see women who do not speak their truth, and live in a place that is not in alignment with their value systems and highest good all too often in my practice. There is no guilt or shame in being stuck in this place. I for one, lived it for many years. When you are not connected to yourself, and feel disconnected to the world, it is very difficult to speak up and create healthy boundaries with others, never mind share what you feel and need from one moment to the next.

The Vishuddha chakra sits at the throat level and is often associated with the thyroid gland in the human endocrine system. It also has a strong connection to truth and living in alignment with what serves you. This gland is in the neck, and produces hormones essential for growth and maturation. Excessive stress, namely fear and fear from speaking out, affect the throat chakra and thyroid problems may occur.

When you begin to take down the walls of problematic eating, you develop an intimate relationship with yourself. You begin to realize that you cannot settle. Not in any area of  life. No matter what happens, you have to honour yourself. The healing that comes from this process is powerful, not only on a psychological and emotional level, but of course it transforms the body on a physical level as well.

Healing Problematic eating will light a fire in you.

Its not something you have any control of. When you make the decision to do whatever it takes to live in your highest truth, you have no option but to create the most loving relationship with food as possible.- and more importantly with yourself.

Its like any relationship you have. It takes conscious effort, love, compassion and dedication. Its much easier than our minds make it up to be. When you live life in a place of your highest truth, it doesnt mean there isn't pain sometime, or sorrow.

But what is amazing is that it shifts…. and growth is inspiring and addictive, and worth it.

What can you do in today to shift more into truth? Is there anything that does not feel in alignment with your highest truth? What action steps will you take right now to change this? 

I would love to hear below! 

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