Little Pep Talk- Big Message :)

When you look back over your time in business, do you feel as though you have been in 100%, not only with energy, but also with alignment and clarity on how and who you serve?

Or did you hold yourself back? Not allowing yourself to fully dive in with both feet, because of fear or hesitation of some kind?

You thought you might not make it
You didn't think you were ready
You were way too busy

Or you simply didn't know if you COULD?

Most new entreprenerus deny themselves of fully stepping into their business, they deny themselves of things they want, because they simply don't ALLOW themselves to have it. They are constantly denying themselves of what they want, what feels good.

But listen,
You DO have what it takes.
You ARE ready.
You AREN'T too busy.

What you don't have, and what you NEED to have, is the ability to tell yourself YES. Practice saying yes to yourself over and over and over again.
Because YOU are important, your needs and your wants are important, your feelings and desires are important!

Let yourself fully embrace this opportunity. I'm not saying to raid your savings account and go buy every training that comes around. I'm not saying to quit your day job if it is providing stability as you build your business. And I'm most definitely not saying to ignore your gut and listen to what everyone else in business is telling you.

What I AM saying is that you need to stop saying no to YOU. You MUST be 100% in if you want to succeed.
Take action on that NOW. Your gut never, ever lies. If it's telling you that you need to do this thing…

DO IT. Without thinking. Without second-guessing. Without over-analyzing.
Just say YES to the what and figure out the how later. The how always becomes apparent as soon as you allow yourself to trust your gut and take action immediately.

It's amazing what incredible things can happen when you just allow yourself to trust your gut!
I remember when I hired my last coach for over $20,000. My gut said I had to do it, my head was like "… NO, that's way too much money"! I had no idea where the money would come from, but because my gut said YES, I knew I had to find a way to make it happen.

So I said yes, and had half of it covered in less than a month.
The money continues to flow, I have paid off my coach with ease, and learned so much from him that I know my investment was well worth it.
When I listen to myself, and trust with two feet in, I have never regretted it.
Do that- just listen, and trust…you wont regret it- I promise!

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