The Lie that Coaches Believe that Takes them Out…

After working with coaches over the past several years, I have found that those who are successful have all gotten there by….. ( drum roll please) falling in love with their work.

Its that simple. Because of that love they develop the drive, momentum and initiative it takes to continually improve their skills and their outcomes.

From what I can see, Knowing this however, does not stop coaches from believing the MYTH: " I can't".

And heres why:

New coaches start off enthusiastic and driven but then realize that there is much more to having business than wanting to help people. They start to look around at what others are doing and jump to the checklist to try to gain some momentum. Do I have the website? the logo? the branding? the insurance? the webinars? the email list…and it goes on.

And what happens next? They shortly thereafter start to dislike what they are doing. They feel depleted, uninspired and less than their peers. This drives coaches to spending more money on the "checklist"…more copyrighters, more Facebook posts…more training programs.

Many go broke at this point…or quit.

They have bought into the idea that some people are just innately MORE TALENTED than they are. Some people were born to be entrepreneurs..but not them….

Rather than understanding that their belief systems are wired for defeat, they believe there is something inherently wrong with them.

And guess what? Emotional eaters invariably believe the same thing! They believe they are defective..they believe they are addicted..they believe they will never make it. They believe that others received something at birth that they never got…control.

So if you want to help, and serve and become a real success, you must give up the " I CAN'T" lie. Everyone has talent, but running a business takes hard work. It takes commitment, drive, inspiration, consistency..but most of all it takes LOVE.

And how do you LOVE what you do? You clear away the blockages that are getting in the way of your own success. You make the decision that you will do whatever it takes.
You put the effort into aligning your values with your work and getting real clear on what you want. You reframe belief systems and do the work to stay present and conscious.

You decide. Thats it.


You got this. Its a done deal. Create passion…and the rest is history :)  

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

Wellnessfranki durbin