Learn the Cognitive Behavioural Approach

Health Professionals and Friends! If you are a Health Professional wanting to learn the Cognitive Behavioural Approach- this is for you!  Course starts June 24th!

12 Weeks to recover from Emotional and Compulsive Eating… at a DISCOUNT PRICE, for a limited time!

Help your clients COMMIT to their nutritional programs!

Health Professionals who work with women with emotional or compulsive/ stress eating and are looking for a program of recovery- I am now sharing my work!

I have been using this 12 Week Program with great success the past several years and have now published this program. I am training others who wold like to learn the cognitive behavioural approach to ending the emotional component associated with problematic eaters. This is not for people with eating disorders only- this is for EVERYONE!

This is not simply a “psychology or self help program- …this is a done for you 12 Week Program that gives you ALL THE TOOLS to facilitate a transformation in your clients thinking so that they can heal the problematic eating issues.

3 steps- CSNN

WHAT Health Professionals ARE SAYING…

"A great resource for nutrition practitioners to help to dig into the emotional issues behind client’s poor eating habits. It not only helps practitioners to get to the why but has strategies that can be applied to help clients push through their emotional issues with food.- Nikki

"I was at a dead end with my ability to serve my clients with deep disordered eating struggles, and I reached out to Shelley for help. I joined her Cognitive Coaching Program because I knew there was something I was missing that would serve my clients. My intuition led me to the right place, but it wasn’t until working with Shelley that I really developed a new level of insight and confidence in working in the area of disordered eating. Many of my clients sail through without this need, but for the ones who are more stuck, even when they know what to do and why, now I have the ability to help them find freedom for good. I’m already seeing great results with my clients, and feel the potential throughout my business will only grow. Shelley was incredibly generous, supportive, clear and skilled in delivering this new content to me. She clearly believes in what she’s doing, and wants to serve as many people as she can. That’s the most authentic business I can imagine, and I’m thrilled I found her. – Diana Pagnucco

Health Professionals Everywhere are Wanting to Learn this Work!

shelley- CSNN

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We are also starting our 12 Week Program for Problematic Eaters on July 6th! If you think you are a Problematic Eater, but are not sure that this is a fit for you, feel free to contact me for a complimentary session to find out : Shelley@emergingjewel.com

Click Here for more Details on the 12 Week Program!

I trust you are all having an amazing start to the summer… loving your body and mind right up!