Just BE present…The Best "Quick Fix "Yet.

Mindfulness has become a trendy term in the West… yoga studios' are handing out prayer beads like coconut water, workshops are being presented daily on how to create the perfect "vision board" and advertisements for creating your greatest "Flow" are all the rage… This is all wonderful and is influencing the planet in some beautiful ways…but we still have a society today that is more anxious and distracted than ever before. Being "busy" is the norm, ADD filled classrooms,  Anxiety and Eating Disorders are running ramped, stress related illness' are at an all time high and with this focus on ritual, going to the right" class " or finding the perfect "teacher", we are becoming more disconnected than ever before.

Being PRESENT from one moment to the next comes from an inside place. Its about YOUR connection with YOU. You don't need a special class or the right Guru to connect with your deepest self, your present moment. YOU have all the answers- YOU are the miracle ! You don't need to chase self esteem, connection, mindfulness, or "flow"…You just have to change your THINKING

And getting PRESENT is a quick way to change the thoughts that are leaving you disconnected and fragile. It doesn't take time to come back to the moment and its not rocket science-- its simply doing something and knowing you are doing it !

Our distorted thoughts can lead us very quickly to destructive emotional such as compulsive eating or binging and by making a decision to come back to the present moment- we break that cycle.

Our minds are like a raging river…we can either go with the current of the flowing river, the current of the mind- or we can watch it effortlessly from the bank. Most of us usually go with the uncontrolled mind- wherever it goes, and we THINK we are in control, but then we try to sit and meditate and realize that the mind is completely out of control !

We are drowning in perceptions and conceptions that simply are NOT TRUE … Our greatest teacher is our thoughts…When we get caught in the future, we become slaves to our minds, not MASTERS of them. When we are constantly thinning of the next thing, we cause great stress and tension for the mind.

When you are in a panic, in a moment of high anxiety, having a horrible day with food, or under tremendous stress  ask one question..

" How far into the future are you  ?"

pema chodrun

We have a choice. Always. To come back home.

Coming home to the present moment is not about doing the right amount of mantra's or saying the right prayers ( although sometimes this ritual may help you be here now), its about making a decision. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Sometimes it means starting the day over 100 times, and celebrating because every time you come back to the here and now, you have created a new conception- an opportunity for new perceptions and understandings !


A simple practice to come back to the PRESENT and WAKE UP from the THOUGHTS that are creating a reality that isn't working for you :

Step 1- Make a decision every morning to be PRESENT and consciously create your day- what do you want it to look like, feel like ? What intentions do you want to set for yourself ?

Step 2- Practice abdominal belly breathing as soon as you start to feel anxious. Put your hand on your lower abdomen and breath into the belly FIRST- rather than the upper chest.

Step 3- Come back to the present moment by saying to yourself, " Where are you ? " when you are feeling off…is everything ok at this moment- this exact one, right NOW ?

Step 4- Have  a reminder to be present- in your phone or on a sticky. A reminder to breath, to smile, to notice and to BE HERE NOW.

When we come back to the present moment, we observe the thoughts that are there, but we recognize that we are NOT our thoughts. We don't have to believe what we think ! The problem is not our thinking, but the fact that we believe everything we think ! As the mind calms, we begin to see things are they TRULY are.

I would love to hear how you come home to the present moment below !

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