Intuitive Eating- Is it Enough?

Intuitive Eating has become a huge buzzword in those treating emotional eating in the health profession and its not helping our clients. That is a very bold statement- I know. Stay with me here…

Having the expectation that someone who has struggled with problematic eating their entire life can simply get in touch with their feelings, emotional, sensations and intuition and guide their inner network towards healthier eating only creates more guilt, more shame and more hopelessness to those who are suffering.

Don't get me wrong- as health professionals we want to have our clients make their own choices and guide there own bodies towards understanding and feeling appropriate hunger as well as making healthy choices- but its not enough..and its not a place I would suggest starting with any problematic eater.


Because until you have dealt with what is UNDER the problematic eating, your client will not be able to stick with any intuitive exercises longterm..and it will create a sense of hopelessness that is not helpful.

Dealing with problematic eating with a step by step system is essential, and creating new neuropathways by changing the distorted thinking underneath the compulsive eating must be in place before you initiate intuitive practices.

More on that here…

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic below!

Let's set our clients up for success- change those old files FIRST- then have them powerfully engage in intuitive eating, without stress and with ease and with abundant comfort :)

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In Freedom and Unity,

Shelley :)