I heard Something Ridiculous Today…

Beautiful conscious ones- did you catch me live in the CCE Facebook GroupToday?Im wondering because I was a bit fired up about something I have been hearing around the ethers regarding online success. One woman actually shared that most people don't believe its actually possible to make money as a coach and have the freedom lifestyle we all so deserve!

I had to think about this for a moment because the truth is I know its possible- and I am someone who had to show up, and do the work to get there. 

I remember what it was like.

I remember coming home from my 9-5 and working evenings and weekends. I remember putting out thousands of dollars in training and mentorship. I remember throwing myself into personal development and mastering the skills necessary to be a good coach and the confidence to go with it. I remember wanting to quit at times and continuing to show up and take the next right action, and get the help I needed. 

I remember this well. And Im here to tell you: Its worth it. Its absolutely worth it and it can actually be fun when you are so committed to your vision that you feel lit up when you wake up each day ready to serve in a vibration that feeds your soul. You see, this whole deal starts with that massive vision, and then you simply take the next step, and then the next step. There is never the "perfect time" to dive in. And truthfully, none of us would ever be here if we waited until we were fully ready, had total confidence or total clarity or new exactly how to accomplish the goal!

Jump over and catch my live video on this juicy topic right here!


So let me ask you something- what if it WERE possible to have the life you have been dreaming of in 2017? To make 6 figures? To travel the world? To serve in a way that lights you up every day? How would that feel in your body?

Your desires are there for a reason- they are there to guide you towards your truth and they are waiting of you to step in fully and claim them now! When I made the decision to step in with two feet FULLY, my business turned around. I mean like a complete 180! It is for this reason I have createdLiving Brilliance Mastermindwhich balances personal development and online marketing tools so that you learn the essential steps to building a thriving practice online, and are able to maintain this longterm, attract high paying and high vibration clients and business partners and enjoy the freedom this business can bring!

Living Brilliance Mastermind starts on January 16th and only have a few spots left!

This intimate mastermind will be no more than 10 people and it is at the lowest price I have ever offered a coaching program before!

Why? Because I want it to be available to anyone who is getting started in the online space, or who has been around for a while and is really ready to move forward this year and do things differently! I want to make this possible for anyone who has the attitude and determination to show up fully for themselves!

This program is about becoming the best version of yourself you can be!

Fill out an application and lets chat to see if it is in fact a fit for you. You deserve it all conscious one. You deserve every bit of it and its all here for the taking. Its up to you now to come and claim it.

Are you ready to make 2017 your year? Are you ready to join us for a journey that will change your life for good? Apply here: Living Brilliance Mastermind

Hope to see you Inside Soon,

Shelley :)

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