Hitting Bottom

Making a decision to break FREE of something that has its clutch on your freedom and happiness is not always as straightforward and simple as you might think. Its surprisingly difficult to "let go" of the very thing that is leaving you alienated, depressed, anxious and STUCK in your life…and problematic eating is no exception here. Most people will make big changes to negative situations in their lives only when they are desperate, completely beaten down or are presented with no other option. This is just the way us human beings are. For problematic eaters, they must come to place of desperation before they are really willing to get honest with themselves about the nature of their relationship with food, their highest good, and themselves. This is not easy and it takes incredible honesty, humility and courage.

The ironic truth  for a problematic eater is that in simply  MAKING THE DECISION to be well,  (admitting that they cannot seem to get a handle on the "food thing" on their own- or with another diet)  things begin to turn around. In this place, the individual decides they are ready and willing to go to any lengths to be well and FREE of emotional eating, compulsive eating, binging, purging, overeating, under-eating, and so on. This willingness begins to open up doors that could not be seen previously and an element of grace is present as the journey of true healing begins.

Surrender is beautiful thing.

In this place of surrender, the obsession with weight, shape, and body image begins to dissolve into a higher vibration of HEALTH, LOVE, and a desire for a deeper connection to SELF. Essentially…you have finally decided that "loosing weight" is not your life's purpose and getting to the bottom of why this obsession is controlling your mind is something you will meet head on.

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The greatest irony here is that with SURRENDER, followed by INSPIRED ACTION, the bodies natural weight will find equanimity and balance. This is because for a problematic eater, food is only the SYMPTOM of something else going on…all of which is rooted in distorted THINKING and a very black and white mindset. The anxiety and depression that usually come along with food "issues' are directly related to thoughts left untamed.We ALL have them- but for a problematic eater, they can be lethal. When you begin to uncover the THINKING that is behind the "weight" you are able to shift the destructive eating patterns and begin to love yourself from a very different place.

As Isira so beautifully shares, " When you change the way you see things, the things you see, change."

SO what INSPIRED ACTION are we talking about here?

1. SURRENDER- is always number ONE. Admit to yourself that ANOTHER "AMAZING DIET"…is not the answer.

2. Put yourself FIRST in your recovery..that's right- BE SELFISH! You must put your recovery from problematic eating first in your life. After that, other appropriate boundaries will come more easily.

3. Begin to notice what you eat, when and WHY. How are you FEELING at each eating episode. Record it- this is important in coming out of the "highway hypnosis" with food"

4. Start a morning and evening practice. Get INTO your body as soon as you get out of bed. Use prayer, meditation or any other form of quiet contemplation that allows you to CREATE your day/ or express gratitude for your day by grounding yourself and asking for help from your highest place.

5.Commit to a PROGRAM OF ACTION. Find a mentor or a guided program with a focus on shifting your distorted thinking and create long term healing and freedom in your life.

Surrender is not about failing..it is not about weakness. Surrender means " coming onto the winning side".

When you finally admit DEFEAT…in other words, when you finally admit you can't do conscious eating alone, you open yourself up to a whole new level of consciousness. You open yourself up for the shift required to END problematic eating- FOR GOOD.

We will gather as community online on August 11th for 12 weeks. If you are ready to shift what isn't working and have the support of a group,a working manual, mindful eating practices, and practical THINKING techniques, please join us. You deserve it. Click below for more information.


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