Happy New Year GIFT- Discounted Program for a Limited Time!

I want to take this time to wish you a very Happy New Year. I want you to know you can have whatever it is you need to feel good every day that you wake up this year. And that you deserve that- every bit of it. Almost 15 years ago, at this time of year I made a decision. I decided I was worth whatever it takes to get well. I decided I was done with being a prisoner to food, and I was ready for change.

I took some very essential steps in making this happen, and today I can say I am FREE. Free of the obsession to binge or hide out with my favourite treat, free of overeating and dieting. Free of being captive to a  life that was about dying..not living.

I want to share this GIFT with you- if you are like me, and you have had enough. If you are ready to have something be different this year- Im here to tell you it IS possible. ..and that something different is inside of you.

I want to share the steps I took to get well, and am offering a discounted rate on the 12 week program for Problematic Eaters for a limited time. If you are ready, I invite you to join us…

WE start January 3rd, but this can be done at your OWN PACE!

I lived for over 15 years in that hell- weighing myself constantly, obsessing about food, failed relationships, nothing that fits, shame, guilt and demoralization… and I decided I had enough. I decided i would do whatever it takes to heal. It wasn't enough for me to just " put down the food". I wanted freedom- real freedom of the mind.

I wanted the juiciest life possible. Today I have that. I don't think about food, weight, or shape. I go to buffets without obsessing what to eat or not eat. I don't weigh myself and I have had the same clothes in my closet for over 15 years. I became a certified nutritionist and wellness counsellor and help other women BREAK FREE as well. I am teaching this work at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and it is becoming a " go to" resource for practitioners as well.

the feet of a woman standing on bathroom scales If you have had enough, and you want real freedom then I want to reach out. This program is now online and can be done AT YOUR OWN PACE! I am offering it at a discounted price for a limited time.. Men and Women world wide are recovering with this program- it works if you are ready. I am offering a 1:1 consolation to see if this is a fit for you. I want to share the gift I was given. You deserve it. Feel free to contact me here- or check out our programs which are highly interactive and with much depth, and to see what others are saying…

I started working with Shelly the summer of 2014 for my problematic eating. From the first time I spoke with her she “got it” she truly understood what i was struggling with! I’ve tried talking to others in the past but they did not get it like Shelly did! It was such a refreshing change. During her 12 week program she helped me a lot with teaching me about self care, meeting my needs and learning new patterns to break the food cycle. Shelly was always warm and kind, she was available to us whenever we needed her. She really fully got what we were going through and is a great instructor to help break free! Shelly has helped me heal so much already and has lead me in the right direction for further healing. I also wish Shelly all the best in her journey to helping and healing others! Thank you Shelly for caring and the great impact you’ve made on my life and the lives of others. Jenae

I have worked with Shelley one on one and I can say I am officially in recovery from BED. For the first time ever (and I’ve worked with MANY counsellors/therapists) I am getting to the deeper causes of my eating disorder. I have given up the dieting, restriction, binge cycle – all with Shelley’s intuitive guidance. I am in self/care and working on the deeper thoughts that have kept me stuck for SO long. I have found Shelley to be knowledgable, needs based and as I said earlier incredibly intuitive. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have so many tools/strategies to use as well. She is always close by if needed. If you are wanting to get out of BED and begin to experience freedom with food or you have gotten stuck and need help, then I truly encourage you to reach out to Shelley. She’s been there, she knows, she understands and she knows how to get out of it.- Annette

Throughout the years I’ve worked with a variety of coaches, therapists and tried out different programs related to my issues with food and it wasn’t until I worked with Shelley that I was able to identify what was at the root of my habits and patterns. By identifying the triggers, I was able to see clearly what was driving my crazy behavior around eating and dieting that had kept me in a painful spiral over the years and why so many other attempts at treating had failed. Shelley has a relatable and real approach to her work and she would be my go-to for anyone struggling with any food related issues. Ali V.


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Please don't hesitate with any questions at all, and feel free to contact me at : shelley@emergingjewel.com

I look forward to having you with us!

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