Grand Finale of the Productive Thinking Model!


The reason I am so inspired by the writing you did in the Facebook Group: 5 Day Challenge this week is because I could relate to so so much of it! 

Being a recovered addict and a recovered bulimic I have been to hell and back in my life and I truly understand the place of desperation, of fear, anxiety, and just not feeling like I had what it took to really succeed in this thing called life.

The productive thinking model is a part of my story… I learned how to dig into what was really going on rather than getting caught up in the itches that I thought were my truth. When I was finally able to get honest with myself about what was holding me back, that was one real freedom really began!

I got willing to do whatever it took to get well and succeed… And the same spiral happened for me when I started my business also! I was right back at the bottom feeling hopeless and scared and unsure if I really had what it took to make it in this industry!

Ironically, I realized the same thoughts… The same itches that held me back as a young woman who struggled with addiction and dissociation with food, we're the same thoughts and beliefs that I had about myself that were preventing me from moving forward in my business! They had once again resurfaced on another level!

Luckily I had these conscious coaching tools because without them I never would be where I am today. There is no way… I was paralyzed with my beliefs… I'm not good enough, I will never make it, and I don't have what it takes, I don't have the time, I don't have the money, I'm not a leader… And so on.

But willingness and surrender have always been key in my life and so as we came through this week, I once again was reminded of where possibility lies… It doesn't exist in those spots of fear and depletion. Possibility comes from the mind – truly.

I love the vision of the lotus flower… This amazing, incredible, beautiful flower that grows out of the mud, rocks, and hard earth… It is only through this environment that it survives! We have to go through our itches to come out the other side. I acknowledge each and everyone of you for doing that this week!

Please know that you have until Sunday to respond to all five videos! You will then qualify for a prize! Join me here for the GRAND FINALE VIDEO posted today for you action steps!!lotus

And…stay tuned tomorrow for one final video, which you do not need to respond to unless you desire to do so… But will be my gift to you… And you will want to listen to this one! I will be finishing off this process for you all!

In the meantime, I would love to know how this Challenge has been for you – and why you think it is beneficial to do this work?!
If it has been difficult – why do you think this is the case?

Stay tuned for the finish! 🌸🙏

In Unity and Freedom Always,

Shelley :)


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