Free Training: Productivity Thinking Model! Day 2!


I am so impressed by the vulnerability and truth that came out of the first day of our challenge and I want to thank each one of you- not only for a space in your in box, but for sharing so openly and honestly on the post!

Those of you who know my vision know that I am an entrepreneur committed to congruency in my work and alignment with my biggest vision- to help others change the thoughts that get in the way of them building the business and life they truly deserve.shelley4

Being introduced to the conscious coaching model many years ago, I had no idea what an impact it would have on my life. If recovering from an eating disorder and addiction wasn't enough, it had me show up for my life in ways I never imagined. Moving to India, quitting my job and starting my own business all within 2 years!

The cognitive techniques are the basis of my work and what I love about the model is that I don't have to sacrifice myself anymore in my work- this was the freedom I had been looking for for so many years!

I have been teaching a small part of this model in our Emotional Eating Facebook Group this week! Day 2 is up and the sharing has just been amazing! Very vulnerable and real. Im excited to se the "ah-ha's" that come out of this in just a few days!

Be sure to join the fun and comment on Video 2! Just for an extra added bonus, I will be offering a prize to those who comment on all 5 videos each day!

See you there!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

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