FREE Productive Thinking Training- Day 1 Challenge Here!

Coaches, I am SO excited…Eek!!

This week I am offering a 5 Part CHALLENGE on our Facebook Page! Actually we started yesterday and the response was enormous! Were you in on the action?

If not, no worry, there is still time! Just head over to our Emotional Eating Facebook Page HERE to get in on the action!

You can Find Video 1 Here!

If you decide to participate and engage (you're crazy not to- you will LOVE this its fun!), you will walk away with a system to use to get clear and congruent on anything in your life- especially your business!

I am going to walk you through a "Productive Thinking Process" but you must participate by answering the questions I ask in each video, sharing your response and engaging in discussion in all 5 parts to get the full benefit and….qualify to win a sweet gift prize!

That right. I will be offering an opportunity to qualify for a prize for those who comment and participate fully in each of the 5 trainings as part of the challenge :)

Are you ready to take your thinking..and your business to the next level guys?? eek!!! excited. :)

Ok, so don't wait to start- day 1 is over and I will be posting Day 2 video today!

See you there! 

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)


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