Day 5! Woot Woot!!!

You made it!

I really want to just say I am so inspired by the many women who took part in this week's 5 day challenge. It is not easy to get vulnerable, visible and be real about what isn't working in some area of life.

We all have thoughts and beliefs that get in the way of our dreams and desires in life. Every one of us. And as Emotional Eating Coaches, we certainly see this in our work as well! It is so important that we clear away anything that isn't serving in our own lives so that we can take a stand for our clients who are also stuck with "itches" that get in their way! We often don't realize just how much these itches are affecting all areas of our lives and how a slight shift in perspective can truly create miracles! One of my favourite quotes, " To Thine Own Self Be True", comes to mind here :)

On day 5 you are asked to write your Target Future..what you imagine your life to be like without your itch. I just loved the juiciness of the posts shared In the Emotional Eating Coaches Group, and I can't wait to hear what you come up with as well!IMG_0896

If you haven't yet had a chance to play with us, you cans still qualify for a prize by commenting on all 5 videos by Sunday! Go here now to watch Video 5!

Stay posted for an added bonus video on the Productive Thinking Model coming soon!!

In Unity and Freedom, 

Shelley :)

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