Cognitive Coaching Program- Starts NOV. 1st!

Drained, Burnt Out …..and Starting to Hate Coaching…..I have had many requests so am offering this program early! I hear all too often from coaches, therapists, and healers, teachers, and others in the helping profession about experiencing burnout. While being overworked is a real issue, many do not realize that the draining part of the work is not simply by clocking hours…but by giving in a way that is about sacrificing oneself to "help" another. When I learned how to be a FACILITATOR rather than a HELPER my life changed- not only in my business but in all areas of life. I realized it was not my job to HELP but to facilitate another's OWN journey. In this way,we empower our clients to do the necessary work for their own transformation, rather than hand holding- which only promotes a victim mentality and serves neither the coach nor the client. Learning how to use the cognitive behavioural approach not only helped me serve thousands in the emotional and compulsive eating community, but it in fact DOES THE WORK FOR ME. I don't feel drained after coaching sessions- in fact I feel inspired, alive and rejuvenated. I don't have to "figure out" what to do, because the client is shown step by step in the work in the way that is perfect for where they are at. They decide what comes next., and they transform because of the process..not because of me. This is what I want- I want to get clients out the door as fast as possible so they feel empowered to live their lives WITHOUT my help. In this way, I truly serve those who are ready and willing to show up for themselves. This is not an easy task, but truly powerful. Im now sharing my work and feel it necessary in a time when those in the service industry are feeling drained, burnt out..and beginning to hate there jobs. Its sad to see good coaches walking away from the work…and I want to share another way. The next Cognitive Coaching Program starts NOV 1, 2015 I am teaching this program on a regular basis now for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and it is the basis for my latest book, " Food Freedom" .

shelley- CSNN If you work with people who struggle with food- and you want to learn a new coaching technique that you can use in ALL areas of your business and personal life, and begin to LOVE your work again then I invite you to join us. With any questions, don't hesitate to ask : * This is an online program that can be DONE AT YOUR OWN PACE.

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