Where is the Coaching Industry Going? I got Real Guys…

Things got real in our Emotional Eating Coaches Group the other day.

I shared about my feeling of the coaching industry, and my disappointments..and fears.

Lots of energy and conversation was built up around this topic and it blew me away how many people are feeling the same way…are we still in alignment with coaching the way it is truly meant be done?

Are we missing something with internet marketing all the rage and quick fix mentality taking over?

I think theres hope and its starts right here with us.

Committed to real change.

Committed to real growth.

Committed to long term solutions and doing the work ourselves…

Watch me get REAL…live here!

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this juicy topic…

Are you part of this transformational group for coaches who are committed to doing the real work?

Join us here!

Emotional Eating Health Professionals


Would love to hear from you- community starts with us, and Im grateful for it.

Have I thanked you for being in integrity with this powerful work yet? If not, let me take a moment to just say thinks. I love knowing that this movement of truth and commitment exists, and feel blessed to be a part of it!

In Unity and Freedom,

Shelley :)

Wellnessfranki durbin